Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Rain Came Back

Yep.  Read that title, multiply it by 50 and scream it from the roof tops.  Looks like the rainy season has come back, and it will stay for the REST OF MY MISSION.  Oh joy.  Time to break out the boots again and become known as the gringona with the big green boots!  Hahahahaha.  Yesterday afternoon at like 2 it started to rain, but our house is on the third floor and very open, like we don't really have outside walls.  It's all open or windows and it was raining so hard and so windy that our house flooded! We were all running around with brooms trying to sweep it out, but we just got soaked, inside the house!  Somethings not right there.... ha!
A view of the two volcanoes from my house

another view from my house

So other than getting soaked everyday, this week was an interesting week, to say the least. the highlight was definitely the multi zone conference we had on Thursday.  The new area president, President Duncan, came and spoke to us. HE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!  We talked about so many things that I needed to hear.  It was amazing.  Also we had more than half the mission there so we got to see a lot of people, including my favorite missionary, mi hija Hermana Cadavieco.  I swear, I love that girl so much!  It was a really nice refresher, spiritually, socially and emotionally.  And physically because I sat half the day.  Ha!  We work so hard everyday, I imagine we walk like 5 miles a day if not more.  So by the time we get home I'm like.... alright I'm dead.... peace out world. 
This week I was thinking a lot about a scripture story of a miracle that Jesus did.  When he healed the paralytic that was lowered down through the roof?  President Duncan told us to think about the love Jesus had for the 4 men that brought their paralyitc friend to Jesus.  I had never thought about that before.  It says in Mark 2 verses 1-5, that based on the faith of the friends the man was healed.  Are we doing everything we can to bring our friends to Jesus Christ?  These men weren't apostles, they were just his friends and their faith and action saved this man!  The room was crowded?  They couldn't get in?  No matter, we will go up on the roof!  Better yet, we will take apart the roof and put our friend in front of the master.  Faith requires ACTION.  How are we acting based on our faith?
There is always more that we can do for the Lord and our friends. 
And now, I'm gonna go have lunch.  Love you all!  I'd appreciate your prayers :)
a successful Family Home Evening

They made me s'mores!

Crazy kids!

love love love,

hermana moore

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