Tuesday, August 27, 2013

20 years young in Guatemala!

Daaaaaang.  I am officially no longer a teenager!  20 years old, and here in Guatemala!  Wow. Sometimes I'm just like, is this real life??  But it is and I love it! :)
me and my zone having cake for my birthday

Eating the first bite of cake....a Guatemalan tradition.  They all sang to me in English
and I couldn't understand a word of it because their accents are so thick!

So this week was LOCO.  I have like 30 pictures from this week, obvs I cant send em all but I'll try! 
So let me just talk about what was the funnest day this week, my birthday!  So it started off bright and early at 5 am when I was awakened by my comp.  I was... what the...... it's still dark.  Then I saw Suli, one of the daughters of the family that cooks for us!  Then I was.... why are you in my room! Then her mom walked out!  Then her other sister!  And I'm just disoriented times 20 and they start singing happy birthday!  I'm just like, how'd you get in my room!  

Then I got up and went into the other room and there was the rest of the family!  So they brought me a birthday breakfast of eggs with salsa and beans and fried platanos and arroz con leche just like dad makes it!  I told her once that dad made that so she made it just for my bday!  Ah I could have cried! 

They are the sweetest family! Hermana G- the mom and our cook, is like my Guatemalan Momma.  I love her!  They have been taking care of me a lot this week. :)  (editor's note:  The next paragraph explains this.  It's from another email from Erica)
<So what do you want first, the good or the bad?  Well there is really only one bad thing so I'll start with that... the mosquitos just love me so much that they gave me dengue!  Basically that just means a fever and you can't do anything but sleep.  But we got rid of the fever right away,  Luckily I'm surrounded by nurses!  Ha!  Our cook's daughters are nurses so they took care of me and such.  I have some meds and I've been sleeping ALOT.  So don't worry, it was honestly just a matter of time... but it came and I'm gonna conquer this dang sickness!> 
So then the rest of my birthday was just full of contacting and inviting people to our activity!  The activity was supposed to start at 6, we were planning to show up at 5:30 to set up the fire with some members, but of course no one showed up till 7:15, thanks to rain and Guatemalans being Guatemalans!  No, funny story about the rain..... it rained all day on my birthday, and we were just like NOOOOOOOOO!  People don't come to anything when it rains, let alone a fire activity... so we just told people it would stop at 5.... and it did!  Around 5:30 the rain stopped.... until 8:45, right when we walked in the house!  Miracles!!!!!  The activity rocked though!  We had like 40 people there and 5 investigators!  And I got to eat 7 s'mores!  

Yep, we introduced the people of Guatemala to s'mores!  And they LOVED it!  Ha!  More like I loved it!  They probably think I'm crazy I was like eat them!  Eat!!!!!!! :)  The Bishop gave a nice spiritual thought and I really think that it will help the ward be more unified. :)

On Thursday many companion hit her year mark in the mission so we celebrated at a restaurant!  We got to have real food, I had a crepe and I about died!  Oh goodness. :)  

We had lots of good food this week!  Especially since I've been sick, people keep bringing stuff by the house for us, it's really sweet! I have so much support here, so really, don't worry about me!  Just keep the prayers coming! :)
Oh we finally bought umbrellas this week, 5 weeks into the mission during rainy season isn't too late! We love our umbrellas, but we apparently bought really cheap ones, they already broke!  At least we have boots and jackets! 
This week I received real deal letters from Mom and Aunt Nancy!  Only took 5 weeks to get here! Woo!!! :)
If any of you are ever feeling down, read Hebrews 11.  The future is as bright as your faith!  Sometimes out here on the mission it is hard.  I'm not going to lie to you.  I have been tried more the past 5 weeks than I ever have in my life;  but I am learning that things go better when we believe they will!  Have faith and then your positivity will work with the Lord to make everything just that much brighter! :) 
Today we went to tour a rambotan finca (ranch) where they grow and package rambotans!  
you have to be sanitary in the factory

me and my comp in a rambotan tree

We ate so many.... they are those fruits that I sent home a pic of the first week, red with green spikes!  Apparently they send 95% of those rambotans to the US especially LA!  He said to the Asian communities, so go get some!  Eat them and think of me! 
In terms of the work this week, it was great!  We found some new investigators, 19 this week in fact! A lot are positive!  We are trying to find families and there are 3 we are working with a lot!  One is a family of at least 15 people!  I'm not really sure just how big it is!  There are just so many!  Every time we teach there are at least 10, one time there was 16 people listening"  I was like wow!!!!!  They are obsessed with English so we always sing a himno in Spanish and English!  Speaking of  English, we had our first English class this week.  Did  I tell you we are teaching English classes?  Well we are! But no one showed up.... idk what it is with our attempts at activities, they don't really work!  But we aren't giving up hope!  Ever! :)  Gotta do the Lord's work here in Esperanza!  Sometimes it seems like there isn't any work here, or too much rather.  It's really discouraging.  But then I remember that a prophet of God called me here, and my mission president sent ME here.  They need me!  So I will never let them down!!!!! :)
So just in case you forgot, Guatemala is beautiful!  It's like a cross between Jurassic Park and Hawaii and San Diego!  Take that!

Funniest story of the week!   We were trying to gather up investigators before church Sunday and we went to the house of the big family and we asked where is jose and they said he is at his house!  We thought he lived here, so they said no he lives down a bit in a white wood house! so we thought, okay we can find it!  Well luckily a little girl came with us because we NEVER would have found his house...... because only after trekking through a jungle, crossing a river, and up a small mountain did we actually find his house!!!!!!!!!!  No lies, I crossed a river before church on Sunday.  Only in Guate. Ha!  And I saw spiders bigger than my hand in the jungle!  Holy!  And then, he didn't even come to church!  Wow!  I was....but.... we just crossed a river........ do you not understand that I just crossed a river in my Sperrys!  I'm wearing a white skirt homeboy!  I crossed a river in my Sunday best!  But it's okay, I know the God loves Him.  And  I'll receive blessings for it! :)
Well I think that's it for this week!  Love you all so much!  Thanks for the emails and prayers:)  Never give up your faith.  Always believe that something amazing is about to happen because if you do, it will! :)
ice cream from the ice cream man

Hermana Moore 

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Week of Free Food

Wow!  I'm back again, this week flew by!  And wow, this week was awesome!  I felt everyone's prayers this week, really I did!  Every time things started to look downwards, all of a sudden a family of 15 interested people turned up!  Okay that didn't happen every time, that only happened once, but really I feel like this week was FULL of miracles and happiness and laughter and joy and missionary work! And Spanish too :)  Of course,  I'm in Guatemala!  
view from a member's roof

Sometimes I'm on a dirt road in Guatemala in the rain getting eaten by sancudos--- and I love it!  
"sancudo"  (mosquito) bites.  They honestly don't itch anymore!

How did this happen!!!  But really, this week was the best week of my mission thus far, no baptisms yet but I just felt actually effective so much this week! I feel like I'm really getting into my stride here in the mission. :)  Either that or I'm just eating really good food. :)
A chapina breakfast. I love beans in the morning!

So yeah.  Can I just talk about food for a second?  Maybe I'm losing weight or look hungry all the time because EVERYONE gave us free food this week.  And I was just like heck yes keep it coming!  I seriously must have 5 stomachs, because I always have room for more! :)  
editor's note: Someone needs to teach me how to flip pics!

This week we got free corn, homemade bread, tostadas, chocolate popsicles, cookies, lollipops, and my personal favorite-- homemade coconut ice cream!  Oh my oh my.  I died and went to heaven.  That stuff is bomb!  Oh I almost forgot the biggest free meal we got this week!  So story time:
The zone leaders called us one day and were like hey come to an appointment with us tonight, they are serving dinner!  Ha, actually what the zl said to my comp is, "Tell Hermana Moore that she's getting free food tonight."  I guess my stomach is getting a reputation.  Anyways, so we went with them one night in their area to this appointment.  
They had coke but we didn't drink it!

Well, they did NOT tell us the whole story!  Turns out this family "requested" us to come to dinner.  Like they literally said,  "We will go to church if you bring the gringas."  Yes the gringas.  I guess they saw us on the street one day and .... who knows?  So we walk in and it's just like silent.  Awk.... then the mom walks up to me and just starts stroking my skin and hair and is like,  "oh pura muñeca!"  Ha, so that means literally ,"She's a real doll".  But I guess it means pretty or something.  I didn't really get it.  And yeah thats how the entire night went!  They asked me about every detail of my life in the states and they just touched my hair a lot!  So the zone leaders made dinner and it was just so funny!  
Las Chulas Gringas!

This is pollo seco

I felt like a celebrity the whole night!  Why can't people be like that in my area!  Ha, here they like RUN from the gringas!  It was nice that my whiteness actually helped in the work!  Haha,  I love being a gringa.  I honestly haven't seen a single other person from the United States since I've been here, other than missionaries.  So we are def a minority! :) trying to use that to our advantage, sometimes it works! :)
Oh, other funny story,  I almost got eaten by a dog last night!  We were walking home and there were some dogs around and then all of a sudden this huge dog with a chain comes charging at us!  He was snarling and fierce and I was about to pee my pants!  He brushed my leg and went for the other dogs, and then we RAN!!!!!  Holy wow, our hearts were racing!!!  So that was terrifying!
So we have really been trying to work with the members this week!  We have been going around teaching less actives and new converts about family history work!  Wow, this is such a powerful tool. We might not have been able to have that activity but it is working really well bringing it to the people! We were showing one hermana the family search site.  They had a computer, and we found her dad and then she saw that his work had already been done.  She just started balling!  She was so happy! The spirit was so strong!  I am excited to keep this up and teach more people about family history work! 
Also, we have been trying to work with the members by having noches de hogar with them.  Every night this week we had one with a family!  Sometimes they didn't get the memo that they were supposed to provide nonmembers for us to teach... but they'll get it one day! :)  We had a lot of great lessons and even found some new investigators.  Yesterday we had two and it was raining really hard so they both gave us atol. ATOL.  Oh my goodness.  It's like hot chocolate but full of vitamins and stuff!  So when you drink it you feel full like super full!  And it's warm and delicious!  Well we got it twice yesterday, to the point where I was like I'm going to explode.  I'm full of atol.  But I'm obsessed. Go make it!  Go! 
This is actually hot chocolate with "lenguas" (the little sugar cookies the bread man sells)

This week we found a new area of our area!  How exciting!  We were pumped!  Until we saw that every house had door bells..... yep.  Talk about hard core rejection doorbell style!  It was basically like a slammed door in the face, but with a doorbell.  Ha!  We ended up finding a family though and they are way positive.  It's all worth it, I swear! 

Oh sweetest moment this week.  We were teaching this sweet woman and it was so positive!  Then in her prayer she prayed for us to come back, like it was something like, please, let the hermanas come back!  I could have cried!  I was like yes! WE WILL come back!  Oh goodness.  I love the mission. This week was fantastic, and this coming week will be incredible.  I love being here.  I truly love it! We were having lunch today in a little place and it was the same place we ate the first week.  I just realized how much I've grown since then!  Today I was talking a ton with the other hermanas and just so happy. The first time I was like, where am I and why am I here!  God works miracles, and he has worked a miracle in me.  The mission is the place to be ! :) 

Love, love, love all of you and THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! :)

Hermana Moore

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Months On A Mission!

Wow, what a week!  Here I am again!  This week honestly went by fast!  Everyone says time will start going by really fast, so maybe that is already starting!  So today marks my two "monthiversary" of being on a mission!!!!  Wow, it seems like it has been so much longer than that, but I'm really loving it!!!! :)
view from a member's roof

So this week, in terms of weather... it is officially rainy season!  Meaning, everyday it rains from like
3-6 pm.  But it's definitely getting colder!  When I first got here, it was hot hot hot in the morning, now it's more like just warm and sometimes there is an awesome breeze!  But everyday, without fail, it starts raining at 3 o'clock, which is right when we leave for the afternoon!  I usually change into my rain boots before I leave.  Those boots are a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!  Seriously, the days I don't wear them I'm just sad because my feet are wet.  I love them.  Ha, the people here are always like "Woah, those boots are huge."  And I'm like, "Yeah I know, big feet, welcome to my life!"  But everyday I go out with an umbrella, my rain coat, my boots, and all my books triple wrapped in plastic bags in my bag!  Usually I can stay relatively dry, unless it torrentially down pours, which happens a lot.  Then it's like I just showered or stood under a waterfall with my umbrella!  I'm just glad I didn't really bring any all cotton skirts.  All of my skirts dry pretty quick! :)  But yeah, Guatemala rain is just comical. the streets turn into rivers!  Absolute rivers.  Seeing people riding through the rivers on their motorcycles cracks me up. They hold umbrellas on the motorcycles!  These people.... so funny.  But I'm loving the cooler weather. I was actually cold one night!  I actually used a blanket!  Normally I sleep with just a sheet, solely for the purpose of not getting eaten alive by mosquitos. (which is still a problem.  I don't know what is with my blood, but they love it!)

So this week, amidst all the contacting and lesson teaching, we had our first activity!  I woke up one morning and I was like, I know what we need to do for our activity!  Family history!  So we were both stoked, we told the ward and went around and invited everyone!  We bought tons of cookies and Vikinga, hilar name for a soda, and we planned it out really well!  So we got to the chapel a little early to set up and we had music and everything was looking great!  And then.... 2 hours later when no one showed up, we called it quits.  That's right, nobody came!  Zerooooooo.  So that was kiiind of a bummer.  Plus side, now we have hundreds of cookies in our house!  Really it wasn't too bad, we ended up talking with a girl in our ward that was at the chapel and she gave us an idea for a different activity!  Now we are planning that one!  It will be next weekend and basically its gonna rock.   People are way excited!  We are doing a bonfire in the cancha, (field), behind our chapel!  We are going to teach them what s'mores are! :)  Oh, and the activity just happens to be planned on my birthday...... haha!  It's a coincidence, I promise!  So yeah I may or may not have somewhat planned myself a huge birthday party. ha! ;)
Activity treats all for us!
Another first this week, our first baptism commitment!!!!!!  When she said yes and agreed to be baptized on Saturday, I literally cried.  My smile was soooo big!  She was laughing because I was just like exploding with excitement!  Then on Saturday, after cleaning and filling the pila, (font), and setting up for the baptism, we went by to visit her.  She kindly informed us that she would not be getting baptized.  So yep, first baptism, fell through!  We cried a little then decided hey, we are missionaries let's go do work. so we contacted and that day ended up being the best day of the week! we achieved all of our daily goals!  We had like 10 lessons that day and 5 new investigators!  I challenged like 6 people to baptism that day!  And a few of those new investigators look pretty positive!  I'm excited!
 Other news in the work, we have decided that contacting does not work!  Surprise, knocking on doors is ineffective. so we are really trying to work with the members!  We started this new program where we will have a family home evening with a different family every night.  They invite a family and we come and teach a lesson and have an activity!  It was like pulling teeth getting people to sign up; but eventually we filled the week!  Our first one is tonight!  I am really excited!  I think it will be really effective and we will find a lot of new investigators! 
FHE calendar!

Oh so this week one day I went on an exchange with a different sister!  I was with her all day in her area!  They are the area next to us, gardenias and wow, welcome to the Guatemala I was expecting! Corn fields for days!   Rolling corn fields, because this place is so dang hilly!  We had to cross the interstate, a corn field, a river, climb a mountain, basically, and walk through 2 villages to get to her cook's house!  That's what I'm talking about!  It was crazy; but we had a great time!  I was with Hermana Cruz and she is from Nicaragua!  Whole day in Spanish and I didn't die!  Haha, I'm definitely starting to get the hang of this language just with a lot of pantomiming! :)  I don't know if I said this already but my area, La Esperanza, is more of a city.  I'm in like a neighborhoodish thing next to the big city!  So there are buses, (which are actually vans), and cars and tiendas and stores and tortillerias everywhere!  It's kind of insane here, but I'm loving it now!

Another roof picture

OH I GOT A PACKAGE THIS WEEK!!!!!! AND ANOTHER DEAR ELDER.  Heck to the yes I love you guys!  First package, and all full of mints!  Ahhhhhhhh, just what I wanted!  Thanks for the poster Jill!  It's on the wall and it glows in the dark!  So I love reading it at night!!!!!!! :) 
first package!

This week with our cook I ate something new, chicharonnes.  Basically this is the Guate version of pork rinds.  Uhm, yum?  No, it's not good.  It's like pig fat/skin cooked.  I almost gagged.  So yeah, I still smiled and ate it, but it was rough.... also we had stuffed succhini. that what they call zucchini here. ssssucchini, haha!  It was way good.  I like the food and it's starting to like me back.  Oh my, will my digestive system ever be the same!  Other than that I eat lots of cereal and Eggo waffles.  We found a mega deal for a box of waffles for 5 quets!  That's like less than a dollar.  We bought a ton! 
So, this morning we deeeeeep cleaned.  We had a wall of mold, ew, so we had to clean it or move out! So cleaned it we did! 3 hours and bleach and bugs everywhere, it is cleaned!  Hahaha I love the before and after pictures.  It was pretty bad. 
sideways moldy wall!

rightways clean wall!

Oh, so fun fact for the week, a bread man comes around the neighborhood all day everyday beeping a little bike horn selling bread.  We LOVE him.  He comes by every night at like 8:30 and we always buy.  So I sent a pic of me buying from him.  I love pan dulce.  I'll die when I cant have it every night at home!!!!!  That and my tortillas, ah I have a problem!!!!!!! 
pan dulce!

Amidst all the rejection and rain, I know this gospel is true!  Without a shadow of a doubt.  I know that I am in the right place. I know that the Lord is with me in every step I take, and even though it is hard sometimes, I know that these trials are bringing me closer to Him. I am so grateful that my family is sealed together in the temple, it brings the most comfort.  I am so happy that I can kneel and pray so much!  It is such a gift!  I love sharing this glad message.  I know that someone is waiting for us here in Guatemala, and we will find them and bring them this joy! :)
Well, I need to go; but I love you all!  I think about you all the time and I just love you! I feel the prayers, so thank you so much!
Write me :) and thanks for all the emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Moore

P.S. (from the editor)  Erica also wanted to include that she doesn't have time to answer everyone's emails but appreciates them soooo much and says THANK YOU!!!  She prints them out and reads them over and over.  They give her great strength and encouragement.  (Thank you from her parents, too!)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today

Hola familia!  Wow, week two down! and I'm happy to report: I am loving the mission!  The first week was hard... really hard; but this week I was just raking in the joys and the disappointments were, less. or I just don't really remember them now? not sure :)
But wow, what a week! 
First off, I GOT DEAR ELDERS THIS WEEK!  Some sister walked in to zone conference on Thursday and gave me some! I guess she had been by the office and I had some letters there! So what does this mean for you?  Send me dear elders, and emails. :) mostly emails though.  But dear elders make my day a little brighter too :) Ha sorry I'm so demanding!  Also, tucked inside my dear elder, (which was from mommy.  Thanks mom I loved it), was a note from Hermana Pister!  Oh my gosh I love that woman!  I don't know how she got it in there, but she made my day!  I miss my old comps! BUT  I absolutely adore my companion right now!  I know I said this last week but I'll say it again, that Hermana is an angel!  She is so supportive and just incredible!  Couldn't have asked for a better trainer! 
soaking wet Hermanas

So this week, I learned what Guatemalans mean by rain.  You see, it's the rainy season here... which means everyday at 3, right when we go out, it starts raining buckets. and buckets and buckets and buckets!  Like, I can't even explain it.  I have an umbrella, a raincoat, boots and the works... and  I'm still drenched every time.  I took a pic in the road outside the bishops house... the streets turn in to RIVERS!  When I stepped into the street to take the picture, the current was so strong it nearly knocked me over!  Goodness.  Oh and funny story, right after we took that picture we were walking to the capilla and just chatting when a car drove by and DRENCHED US.  I'm not kidding, it was like from a movie.  A wave of water just attacked us.  We were already soaked but now it was with dirty street water! yum! ha!  We laughed so hard, literally we both screamed at the same time and threw our hands up and then after we just looked at each other and busted up laughing! hahahaha  I'm laughing just thinking about it.  Oh and the face of the man on the sidewalk across from us... I'd say he enjoyed it too! hahahahahahahahaha.
sideways but you get the point!

So we went to the birthday party of a sweet hermanita in our ward this week, right after the torrential downpour, she turned 88!  It was really fun and long... speeches. these people are... long winded. but I love em! when they sing happy birthday here and there are Nortes around, they sing in English first, then in Spanish! So I sang my heart out in English, I take what English I can get. :) and then they fed us cake and tostadas. and wow, I love that people force food down our throats. I NEVER say no :) so I had... you know, 6 tostadas. and 3 slices of cake.  I'm in food heaven.

Speaking of food, this week we started eating with a family for lunch everyday! this is the equivalent of a cook!  We are eating with the familia G-, 5 kids and all of them are just happy and active in the church!  I adore them and Hermana G- spoils us with her meals!  They serve us so much and every meal there are tortillas up the yin yang.  I love tortillas!  I seriously eat 5 or more with every meal!  Ha the dad looked at me yesterday while I was eating and was like, uh do you want more tortillas? hahahahaha.  I'm a pig and in terms of how the food is treating me... I think my body is adjusting. ha! what an adventure this place is.  I don't drink the water, don't worry... but yeah.... adjusting, slowly but surely. ;) 
Everyone drinks water this way and I also filter it to be extra sure!

So monday night, a week ago, we helped out with an activity and my comp and I were in charge of cooking popcorn... ha after like 7 different attempts we finally got it working sorta.... ha we tried!  But then after, we were riding home in the back of a truck of a member with some other hermanas and I was just like wow. how blessed am I!  I am serving the Lord in Guatemala!  I love life!  This week has been full of moments like that :)  I'm just noticing the little things a lot more.  Like we will be singing a hymn to someone that honestly doesn't want to talk to us and I'll be like dang, this sucks.  But then I think, no way. there is sunshine in my soul today!  I'm gonna smile and smack them with my sunshine! So I do!  And they still don't listen.  Ha!  I'm learning to love these people.  They will usually let us in, but keeping commitments.... rare.  We keep trying though.  Never lose hope.  Sometimes that is hard when it is Sunday morning and you have been chasing people down and waking them up for 2 hours... but then we go to church; where people hug us and kiss us on the cheek and bear their testimonies about how hard the hermana missioneras work, and I just think, this is worth it. :)
We work a lot with the members here!  We usually go out with one a day and try to involve them in teaching.  It's a new thing for this ward, but we are trying everything we can to meet more people, tracting and contacting at doors doesn't really work for us, ever.  Ha the other day I made my first successful contact on a bus!  Or so I thought!  I was so pumped and I got the girl's number and she was going to go to church with us!  And then we called, fake number.  You could say I was bummed.  But then you just pick up and keep going! 
So we are teaching this adorable family, we met them my first day contacting!  They have a little son and he is 18 mos.  I love him!  The family is just adorable.  We are working with them and everytime we visit they make us food!  We will be like trying to leave and they are like oh but wait, we just baked a chocolate cake for you!  Oh but we just made ajote for you!  Yeah so ajote is good :) its like cooked green pumpkin. tastes a lot like yams with lots of brown sugar.  I loved it!  I've been trying lots of Guatemalan food lately.  Like candied figs, holy goodness!  Oh and fried platanos. :) fave!  So we are really hoping this family gets baptized this month.  They are so ready and were so prepared for the gospel.  But as always there are things setting them back!  I just pray everyday that we can help them in anyway we can! :) 
Editors note: Didn't she say she was eating Guatemalan food????

Oh so can I please tell you about the hilar transportation that exists in Guatemala! hahahahahahaha. So there are cars, lots of them; but there usually double the amount of people in them.  Buses, we ride them a lot, are like passenger vans with 30 people in them and 10 hanging off the back and sides.  We don't hang off, not allowed to.. but its hilar!  And 4 wheelers!  I'm not kidding there are 4 wheelers everywhere!  And countless motorcycles.  It's like the family suburban here.  I'm not kidding when I say that daily I see a family of 5 riding on one motorcycle.  Just mom, dad and the 3 kids wherever they can hang on! 
So hilarious story, yesterday we taught someone in English!  We received a referral for an inactive man that is an English professor.  So we found him and sure enough, homeboy speaks English! hahahahaha. It was kinda awkward teaching in English!  I'm so used to Spanish!  But that was really funny.
Oh I also bought Oreos.  They are expensive here but I don't care.  I eat one a day and just feel happy. :) that and peanut butter!  It's like 50 quetz here! goodness. 
dipping oreos in milk just like at home

Well, I love you all more than you'll ever know!  I think about you all the time, but lately less and less, which is good, because its hard to miss your family and have your heart in this work! :)  But every night I pray for you all. :) 
Love you so much :)

Don't forget to find joy everyday.  Don't waste a single second of your time on earth!  And find a way to serve someone today! :)