Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Most Blessed Normal Missionary In The World

It's a frog I found!

It didn't turn into a prince , or a person ready to get baptized, like I had been hoping.

Oh my goodness, this week was one that surpasses words.  I have never felt more tired in my life, but I just feel like the Lord is pleased with my work.  It is such a wonderful feeling!!!
SO this week was very special in Central America, the Area Presidency deemed this week the "Semana de la familia" and requested that every ward have activities every single night to bless families and get more of them to the chapel!  Well turns out I'm in the best ward in Guatemala, so we had activities every single night!  I'm talking about FUN activities!  They had some workshops nights, my favorites were "salvando tortillas" or literally how to save the tortillas you didn't use at lunch and repurpose them, and the music workshop where we taught these slightly tone deaf rhythmically blind people to lead music!  There are some funny videos of me trying to help them.  We also had a sports night, even we played!  Ha we played basketball and we were trash talking like crazy!  I even had a Lakers shirt on, and then we lost.  BADLY.  These chapines know how to play ball!  And the last night was the most fun, TALENT SHOW!  You better bet that the ward's favorite hermanas did an act!  We four did a jump roping show!  Hahaha more like Hermana Goddard pulled out her coolest tricks from elementary school and we jump roped in the background.  She is NUTS!!!!!  I swear she is a professional, so they all thought we were pretty cool.  Then last night we had a big fireside with all of the Central American area over satellite and it was awesome!  All about family and marriage and kids and love and..... oh wait, 6 more months?  What? Hahahahahahaha.  Baggy moment.  Anyways the week of the familia was a complete success!  But that wasn't the reason this week was nuts.  All week long we had those activities at 6:30 at night and then we had to get a bunch of people who lived all over the place ready for their baptisms!  And we got them ready!  And they got baptized!!  Basically it was nuts running all over the place and getting everything ready.

We started this week with two people preparing for this Saturday.  My comp and I were pretty content. This Wednesday were changes and neither of us had changes which meant neither of us were training. I know it sounds dumb but we were a little bummed.  We were talking about it and kind of wondering what the Lord wanted of us since we wouldn't be having any sort of ... how do you say it... special purposes other than our area. So we prayed about it and we both just felt the same way... sometimes you have to follow before you lead.  So we decided we were going to be the BEST normal missionaries we can be!  We don't need any special assignments to shine!  We are going to be the most positive, obedient, happy and successful misioneras this world has ever seen.  
District Bilbao!  Our District Leader, Elder Tenney went home this week and now Elder Calero,
the other elder, is our DL. Our cute district!!!

So we decided that on Thursday morning when we were planning and we just felt so happy like this was the right choice and suddenly all the feelings of anxiousness for changes or the jealousy of other people that were going up the leadership ladder were gone!  Then, we saw a MIRACLE!  Thursday night we brought an investigator to the sports night and we wanted to show her the font. so we brought her new found friend, a member girl who is the granddaughter of a recent convert, and went inside the church.  We were at the font and talking and I asked the little member girl, tell us how you felt at your baptism, and she goes, well I haven't been baptized yet, hermana!  WHAT?   How old are you?  And she is like I turned 8 in January! AKA the perfect age for a convert baptism.  So then I just asked her, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on Saturday?"  And she was like, YEAH!!!  So we went and talked to her grandma, had her interview the next day and her baptism on Saturday.  I can't even believe it!  She is so sweet.  She was ready to be baptized, obviously, she's had a lot of time going to church.  We really just felt like that was the Lord saying,  "Good job.  Thank you for your work and keep working!"  I know that there are even more unbaptized members of families out there that I have to find!  I feel like I have a baptism radar now.  That's how we had all THREE of our baptisms this week.  Kids of less actives or just people that didn't know to get baptized!  It's amazing. 

On top of all of that, Rolando, my sweet used-to-be-homeless convert, blessed the sacrament yesterday. Have I mentioned that my ward is AWESOME!!!!  The sweet man no longer lives in the streets, he has a house and a bed and food and a semi job for his abilities!  We are so blessed to be in this amazing area. I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO.  I want to stay here the rest of my mission.  I would legitimately live here.  I love it that much! :)
Welcome to rainy season round two!

I just feel so blessed to be a missionary.  I KNOW that the Lord has a purpose for me here and I'm ready to do amazing things for Him!  If ANY of you feel inadequate, just remember, the Lord made YOU because He needed YOU on the earth.  He has a work just for you and you need to find it!  I feel like this week was a lot of finding myself and I have never felt so confident and happy to be who I am! Right now I am Hermana Moore!  The best one I can be! :) 

love love love,
hermana moore
p.s. we went rope swinging today. enjoy...

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