Thursday, June 5, 2014

The best medicine is agua pura y la risa

That quote is from my favorite used to be homeless convert, Rolando!!!  This week we were reading in the Book of Mormon with him and we were talking about how life is difficult but if you hold on to the iron rod, (we were in 1 Nefi 11), then we will be able to withstand life's pruebas!  Then he just looked at us and said, you know the best medicine in life is water and a smile. simply put, but its now my new lema.  Drink some water and put on a smile and Rolando says I'll be okay.  And you know what?  It works :)

Have I mentioned I love being a missionary??  How else on earth could I meet and associate with such incredible and humble and wise people.  I'm probably going to write a book called  Proverbs of Rolando.  More wisdom from Rolando was received in stake conference when our mission president and the area 70 asked the question to the congregation,  "What is the goal of our church?"  Rolando stood up and simply said, "Que el evangelio llega a todo el mundo."  Or, that the gospel goes to the whole world!  This man has learned more and done more in this ward than anyone could ever have imagined; and he barely has 2 months as a member!  I can't tell you how many times this week ward members have told me with tears in their eyes that Rolando has helped them have more drive to work in this ward, to go to that activity to do one more visit! to go the extra mile!  Yesterday I saw him receive the Melchizedek Priesthood along with another recent convert and the dad of the less active family we found and have been working with.  They are ALL on their way to the temple. :)
In the back of the truck on the way to get the Melchizedek Priesthood!  This is the family of the little kid we baptized 2 weeks ago!  His dad received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday and they are on their way to being an eternal family :)

Missionary work is so incredible.... or better put, the work of salvation.... because it's not just us the missionaries.  None of this could have happened without a super pilas ward.  They want to grow and they are always working with us! 
free corn on a Tuesday morning in the jungle, cause why not?

Speaking of working with members, funny story time. :) So last week we got some great new ideas from Elder Duncan about how to work with the members... one was to go contact with them!  Basically show up to a member's house and be like we want to have an FHE here but we want to go with you to invite your neighbors!  Let's go!  And you invite them, well the family does, and we just sit back and watch the miracle happen.  Elder Duncan showed us a video of it when he did just that with some elders.  So my comp and I one morning we were like alright let's do it!  We went to a member's house and she was like yeah I have a neighbor who just moved in let's go!  And baddaboom it was JUST like the video Elder Duncan showed us.  The members invited the nonmember and at the end we were like oh by the way I'm Hermana Moore and I'm Hermana Phillips and we will be at the FHE too!  Haha that was all we had to say!  Then we showed up 2 nights ago and had an awesome FHE in a member's house and have a new investigator that is so interested in learning more!  So cool right! 
Alright that was the good experience, next one. so we have been working with a less active, we will call him Avelino.  He was going to have a big FHE in his house and a few hours before we were like let's go invite your neighbors to it and he was like yeah go for it and we are like no way you come with us you know them not us!  So we basically forced him to do it but oh my gosh it was SO FUNNY.  He was like, "HEY, neighbor. commhere. so uh.... these.... uh..... sisters are uh.... inviting you, it's their thing not mine, but they're like..... having a meeting at.... my house..... tonight.  They're inviting you..... so yeah.... come.  Bye."
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  It was the funniest thing ever.  We were trying to count how many times he could say its their thing not mine in each contact he made.  In the end it rained really hard and no one came..... you win some and you lose some, right?  But I know that working with the members is the best and ONLY way we can do this work :) 
dirty flea filled bundle of love

I also have a super strong testimony in priesthood blessings.  This week I received one and in it they said that what I'm going through will help me become a better woman.  I'm learning a lot about faith right now.  Faith and jump roping to let the stress out.  Surprise I can jump rope now!  Mom can you send me a speed rope? :)  Oh, and agua pura and a smile.  That's the key.
Anyways, I love you all.  Keep doing what you need to be doing. 
Oh one last thing!  Our mission president said something over and over again in stake conference.... Don't feel good spiritually?  Go out with the missionaries.  It will make you feel better.  I truly believe that.  Go help your missionaries in any way you can!  But help them out by accompanying them. That's all we really want! :) 

love love love,
hermana moore

p.s.  Okay one more funny story.  We totally forgot to bring our suit jackets to the stake conference and in our mission it is like a live or die rule that you wear your suit jacket in every meeting where president is there.  So we walk in and see every in saco and we like want to die.  So my comp spots the bishop's wife and tells her the situation.  Long story short 2 minutes later we were in saco.  Some sweet women switched clothes with us!  Hahahahaha I had on a totally unmatching back suit coat and a hermana in the crowd had on my teal sweater.  These people are so nice! :)  The saco switch!

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