Monday, May 5, 2014

Blessings and other things falling down on me!

what. an. incredible. week. 
pretty flower and my face isn't even in it, haha!

I seriously don't even know where to start or how I'm going to write about it all in 20 minutes.  Let me just start by saying...

We had breakfast for lunch one day!

So this week was one of the most incredible weeks of my mission, sorry have I said that before?  It's because every week it somehow gets better and I don't know how!  So one of my friends wrote me this week and told me to challenge EVERY PERSON I SEE to be baptized and that it will bless me a lot. So I decided to try it out!  Why not?  So I was telling my comp about it and she got me even more excited to do it!  We decided, hey why not push ourselves, let's challenge 1000 people to be baptized in between now and the end of May?  Sounds nuts, I know!  So we left the house and BAM!  First man we saw, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be BAPTIZED by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God?"  Yeah. this is real.  SO we challenged everyone we saw on the way to district meeting.  Then while there, we got our whole district on board!  Then 2 days later at zone meeting, we got our whole zone on board!  Then while I was on divisions with Hermana Merrill in the other zone this week, we did it there in her area too!  I have never felt so excited to challenge people to be baptized!!!  All in all we saw MIRACLES.  This week, actually just from May 1st till today, my comp and I challenged a total of 56 people to be baptized.  From doing that we TRIPLED the amount of new investigators we found this week!  The Lord is blessing us!  Those are just the numbers, the experiences I had with these people, most random strangers, were incredible!  We had so many opportunities to meet amazing people. I truly believe that the Lord puts each person in our path for a reason!! When we challenge them to be baptized, we find that reason right away! :)
So like I said, I went on divisions with Hermana Merrill this week.  She is one of my favorite people so it was a treat :)  

We challenged EVERYONE! even the people we would normally ignore, like the men who catcall at us in English.  But I was just thinking... you know what, he wants to talk to us, when a man was like "Hey baby!" we went to his house!  We ended up meeting his wife and kids and they are an amazing family!  They told us they had questions about Jose Smith and we said, we have answers! We connected with them really fast, especially with his wife.  She is incredible.  I love being a missionary because we get to hear the most spiritual stories that people have all the time.  It's like they see us as servantas of God and want to share their most prized memories with Him.   So the hermana left for a minute and came back with a foto in her hand.  she gave it to me and was like this is a foto of my baptism 3 years ago.  It was her in a pool getting baptized by two men in black.  In that moment I just felt so.... I don't know how to express it, I felt a desire for her salvation!  I could just see how wrong this picture was, but how she was so convinced that this was good but that it really wasn't.  I knew I had to tell her that her baptism wasn't valid in God's eyes, but at the same time, how could I tell her that with her most prized possession, everything that she lives fore, her relationship with Jesus Christ, in my hands!  I'm telling you, that picture felt like a thousand pounds in my hand.  But as the himno says.... Dios Da Valor!  God gave me courage.  I was able to explain to her about the restoration and authority and challenge her to be baptized and she understood!  I love that woman, seriously, and I can see that her future has a lot of white in it :) 
trying to eat healthy, haha.  The Mission President always treats us to Subway!

This Sunday was amazing.  It was fast Sunday and we fast a lot as missionaries so it has kinda just become routine; but I wanted to make it special again so I started a fasting journal!  It's like you write down your purpose for fasting and any spiritual impressions you get during your fast.  Well it helped me to see a lot of miracles!  This Sunday we were helping a lot of people come to church or so we thought!  EVERYONE said no. and they were really rude about it!  But we did have a less active family we were going to help and their son isn't baptized so he is an investigator!  So we go and we felt all happy and calm and patient, really rare for Sundays... we went on to church, instead of crossing the river as normal, we went through the jungle......

and through the field........

Then we get to the street and it's already LATE and there are no tuk tuks to be found... like ZERO. And we are far!  I just prayed really quick and not lying as I said amen I heard a tuk tuk and one came down the hill!  Blessings!  So we get in and I said, "Hermano, you are an answer to our prayers!" Then I'm just all happy and ready to go to church but he had to drop someone else off before.  Tuk tuks are basically like buses hahaha, but tiny.  I had to get out.  Right when I got out I looked down and saw bird poop hit the ground right next to me!  I literally don't know how it didn't hit me!  So I look up and I'm like WOW how many miracles am I going to see today!!!  So blessed! Then I  look down and then 
bird poop. on my head. in my hair. 

humility check.

Luckily we were almost to the church so I just went to the bathroom and got it out.  But it was pretty flipping hilarious. :)  Gotta stay humble right? 
Basically I'm walking on sunshine again, I love it :)  Someone told us today that in Lehi´s dream, there is a special spot for the missionaries.  We aren't where the members are.  In the morning we are on the iron rod eating of the fruit of the tree of life but in the day time, we descend to the part where it is the mist of darkness to help people find the rod and partake of eternal life!  That's why it's so hard!  But it's so worth it! (1 nefi 8 and 13)

I love my mission.  It's flying by way too fast and I don't know what to do!  I feel like I'm in my stride, nothing can stop me!
teaching another ward how to make cinnamon rolls

Haha so I was in the war chapters of Alma this week and couldn't help but imagine Lord of the Rings the whole time.  Aragon is basically Moroni.  Nerd moment, sorry.  Hahahaha! 
Also fun scripture, read Helaman 3:7, if you have ever been to Central America you'll understand, AKA the country made of cement!  Now I know when it all started! :)
With that, I'm out of time!  Only one last thing..... look up the video on youtube that has the words like this, Jesus, Jesus quiero contarle algo. a ver que es, digame niña preciosa!  It's a cute video about prayer that someone in Guatemala made and some members showed us!  That song has been in my head ALL week.  So cute :)
Oh and also go watch the video by called gracias a el or whatever it is in English!  I don't know what it is in English but OH MY INCREDIBLE. I get chills and cry every time.  If I had a facebook, I'd post it there. :)

Well loved ones, I ADORE you all.  Excited to see your cute faces this weekend :)

love love love,
hermana moore

p.s.  Oh today for p-day the hermanas of the 2 mazate zones had a big sleepover

and then we went to learn to make lasagna at home with a hermana!  So fun!  This guy from the newspaper showed up and said we will be on the news at 6 pm channel 13 in Guatemala!  Hahaha, his name is Eddy Morales or try Temerario Morales if you want to see his story of us on Facebook. Surprise!  We are famous! :) 

So cute!  She gave me so much and I said,  "No hermana please just a tiny bit.  I'm trying to lose weight."  And she goes, no! and gave me HALF THE PAN!!!!  So I gave some to the other hermanas.  I love her!

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