Thursday, April 3, 2014

Getting Blessed and Tan

That title is for you Tim.  I would say "jacked and tan" but not much of working out is happening around here.  I feel just so so so incredibly blessed this week.  I'm basically darker than I've ever been in my life.  Welcome to summer in Guatemala.  I'm pretty sure I beat Tim officially!! haha! 
So basically this week was super strange--- HOTTEST WEEK OF MY LIFE---- but I'm feeling super blessed right now. 
Seriously let's talk about this heat right now... this week I got sick, a sickness I have never experienced before.  You see, I thought I had had it all... except parasites! I thought that would hit me next. Wrong... the next has been my favorite so far.  It's called heat rash on my face.  So fun to have your face itch, oh and your neck and your ears and your hands!  It's okay, I always wanted a red mustache and beard. Basically this heat drives you nuts, deprives you of sleep and gives people like me allergic reactions. So I had to take a pic of it, which I really hope mom didn't post, and send it to the nurses.  
Haha, I always wanted an itchy red mustache and beard!
editor's note: oops, I guess I wasn't supposed to post this??  :)

The whole way going to the internet cafe everyone was like, "Ew what's wrong with her face?"  One lady was like uh... what's on your face, and I just broke down.  Yay for low moments!  But thanks to some bomb medicine and being prescribed two cold showers a day it's under control. :)  Haha, funny story though, we have to call the zone leaders to get permission to call the enfermeras for stuff so I of course had to be like, oh hey elder, i have a rash on my face can I call the nurses?  No privacy, no pride, welcome to the mission.  So the next few days they would always call and be like, "Hermana Moore, how's your rash??" stupid.  Haha, no I shouldn't say that, for the number of times they help us every week with blessings, 2 this week between my comp and I, and killing scorpions, yep that was another first this week, they help us so much. I literally don't know what I would do without them!
Last night we found a scorpion in our shower.  We called the elders.  There's no way I'm dying from a scorpion!!!

Speaking of other weird things during this weird week... I ate panza for the first time this week!  I think thats tripe, sheep stomach?  It's really good, like eating chewing carpet! mmmmmmm :)
We had a super fun p-day last week and this week!  Last week we had a huge field day with 2 other zones!  I got to see a lot of my friends that came with me.  We played dodge ball and tug of war and other such games.  

We may have lost every game; but we are slaying the rest of the mission in terms of missionary work... I think we will be zone of the month because we had the most baptisms!  Wow! Marzo de milagros!
(editor's note: Erica's dad says that means March Miracles)
Then today we got to go down to Reu and play soccer, slash watch the elders play soccer, with the zones of Reu and Las Palmas as in the other half of the mission that we didn't get to see last week!  I got to see literally my favorite people from the mission today and it totally gave me energy!!!  Hermana Ostler and Hermana Webster are some of my very favorite people.  I adore them!  We talked a ton and got some cute pics and we ate watermelon :)
This is probably my best friend ever!  Hermana Ostler is literally the best!

I saw Hermana Webster!!!! I adore this girl so much!

Speaking of watermelon!  Sorry this email is very tangent-y; but this week we were in charge of noche de hermanamiento in Santa Domingo and we had to find a snack to give everyone.  We were so confused on what to bring, these people have HIGH expectations when it comes to refaccion.  So we went and bought 10 watermelons, and somehow between my comp and I and a short chapina, we got them across town!  Hahaha and we had extra so we've been eating watermelon day and night, reminds me of summer.  I love it! :) 
We decorate our agenda's here.  This is mine for the upcoming change!

More than that... this week was just a lot of sweating, and meeting with less actives!  Yay for everyone already being a member.  Highlight was yesterday when we taught an entire lesson to a family that was super positive and when we challenged them to be baptized they go, but we already got baptized in your church.  Oh.  How wonderful.  Hahaha, jk, we were excited.  We are probs gonna baptize their 9 year old son who never got baptized!  We can still baptize while working with the less actives! :)  That is really what our bishop wants.  He told us to stop working in Santo Domingo and just focus in the area around the church so we can help reactivate some families, we are a little sad but there are so many people who are ready to support us up here and it's a little safer so we are excited!  Always willing to do what the bishop says, after all we need to be a blessing to the bishop, not a burden. :) 
This woman is like 80 and has been a member FOREVER.  All of her family fell away and her husband died but she walks to church by herself barefoot every week.  She gave us her beautiful testimony of Joseph Smith and it was so moving that I had her give it again and I recorded it!  One day I'll show it to you. 
 I just adore her.  Hermana Secundina. 

and Linds, if you ever run out of things to paint, I think she's especially beautiful. 

Seriously this ward is incredible. I'm hot and sweaty but I'm loving my mission. :)  Sorry this is confusing and short but I gotta go!
Mosiah 3:24 :)


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