Thursday, April 17, 2014

Me and my boyfriend!!!

10 months as a soltera mamasita and I still got game. 


This is me kissing an armadillo. 

Tattoo!!! Guatemalan style! Hahaha ignore my wretched hair.  It's hot here. 

A better view.  It's the dust on the back of a plant.  Our friend came up to me and slapped this plant on my arm
and goes, "TATUAJE!"   Haha, it's just dust.  But they did play a joke on me that it would last 2-3 weeks!  Haha.


Wowzaaaaaaa!  What a week!  I am physically and emotionally exhausted; but I'm on a spiritual high! Goodness gracious, we are so blessed here in San Pancho!! (that's the nickname of our area, or what everyone calls it!) 

So this was definitely a week of running around like crazy people, but it all played out in the end. :) Every day this week we had to run on down to Mazate to teach this man named Rolando.  Rolando is our little miracle.  He is a homeless man that my comp invited to church like a month ago and he came, then came to every single session of conference!  And he wanted to get baptized!  So heck yeah we taught him everything!  We had to come down to Mazate because it was easier for him; but he is going to start working in San Pancho next week.  He is a little man that has led such a sad life starting out in an orphanage and having ZERO family his whole life, but has SO MUCH faith!  He is a miracle, as I said.  After we taught him the Plan of Salvation and we answered a bunch of his questions about the Spirit World he looks at us with tears in his eyes and says, "Ya no voy a estar solo".  Which means, Now I won't be alone!  That's right Rolando, from here on out, you'll never be alone!  It was so beautiful to see this ward welcome him in with open arms yesterday.  All of them are looking for jobs for him and houses and doing so much to help him!  I will never forget the look on Rolando's face as he came out of the water!  The man that baptized him did it kind of.... forcefully, so he came out of the water wide-eyed and shocked, but with the biggest smile on his face! 

Also this week we were able to teach little Jordin and bring him to the waters of baptism! :) He is the nieto of a family of recent converts and from the first time we met him he was like, sisters, I want to get baptized!!  Oh my friend, your wish is our command!  So we taught him everything, including the law of chastity which was more like, "no girlfriend until you get back from your mission at age 20!", and before we knew it he was baptized.  Again the person that baptized him did it with the force of like 10 oxen because Jordin like jumped out of the water!  Hahaha, he was so happy :) 

the recent convert family and their nieto for the baptism!!! love this pic. 

As for the title of this email... this week was testimony meeting and a woman went up and explained how this was the first time she was able to get up to bear her testimony in a few months for health reasons due to old age, but she said with tears in her eyes, what a blessing it is for us to have the truth! What a blessing it is, despite sickness and trial, to have the true word of God!!!  I was so touched, how can I have time to be sad or tired when I have the calling of sharing the TRUTH with the world!  We have such a reason to rejoice as missionaries, all of us have reason to rejoice because we are children of God!!  I am so overwhelmed by the blessings lately, other than my head cold,  I feel like I'm constantly under a little ray of sunshine. :) 
LET THIS BE PUT DOWN IN HISTORY TODAY THAT I MADE TORTILLAS THIS WEEK THAT INFLATED!!!!!! That's like the sign that you can officially tortillar like the chapines!  I cried and took a video.

Mi lema ... Doctrina y Convenios 15:6
Sorry this email is short, my head is honestly pretty cloudy and I think I'll go home and take a nap! This week is bouts to be nuts!  Semana Santa in Central America!  Should be a week I'll never forget! :) 
The beginning of LOTS of gifted pan during Semana Santa! :) 

p.s. In this house there is one of the stoves that Riley and Conner built when they came down to Guatemala, obviously not the exact ones, but she told me that a group built them for her from the states!  Yay for service and charity! 

Good luck on finals everyone!  Thanks for the love, especially from you, Aunt Nancy!  Most faithful write of my mission! :) 
Subject: Happy wedding this week :)

This is something we found on the ground this week, it says Feliz cazamiento. that means happy wedding!

Love you Chai, hope your wedding this week, or next, I'm not really sure when it is, is everything you dreamed about and more!!1

love you!
hermana moore

love love love,

hermana moore

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