Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Families Are Forever

HOLAAAA!!!!!!! what a week!  I just feel like  say the same thing every week, that this week was amazing and it went by much too fast!  So biggest thing that happened this week...... MY FIRST FAMILY BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  

And wow, it will not be my last if I have anything to do with it. Baptizing families is like having ice cream with 5 cherries on top; because the whole gospel is focused on families, so when you teach families, and then baptize them, its just so .... natural?  It just feels right.  That is how its been with the familia Giron. So this Saturday Luis se bautizò!  We also had the baptism of Marisol, she is the older sister on Jerico. :)  But back to the family. I ADORE this family. I seriously... I just can't even describe it.  They are like my best friends.  The baptism was beautiful.  These people are incredible!  The Giron familia invited some friends to the baptism, as in they gave us references and brought them!  The people they brought, a family!  Who doesn't go to a church!  It was like Christmas morning!  They brought them to church on Sunday too and now we are teaching them!  Oh my incredible member missionary work!  After the baptism we were all talking and Luis, the husband, was like only 11 more months until we can go to the temple together, I'm counting! WAIT WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?  They are amazing!  We gave them a pic of the temple and they put it on their wall!  I'm getting them to the temple and  I'm going with them in one year!  I'm doing it!  It's funny when I was in the MTC I was like, okay I've got roughly 4 months to find a family, baptize them and then go to the temple with them before I have to leave Guatemala. And bam!  The Lord is a God of miracles.  When we are worthy and willing to work, He truly makes us His instruments.  How grateful am I for that!  Then Marisol se bautizò tambien!  

This girl and her two siblings are results of MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!  It's all about working together people, all about that!  She took a little longer than her siblings but it didn't matter, when I saw her face after she got baptized, wow. she was beaming.  That sweet girl!  She is one of my soul sisters.  I hope I can see her again later in life when she has a family and is serving in the church!  Today is her 16th birthday, we are bringing her a cake :)  I love her!  Oh my. I never quite imagined just how in love with these people I would be.  I just adore them.  Who knew I had so many soul siblings here in Guatemala!
So for the baptisms I made a cake, as usual, but since it was my first family I went above and beyond and made TWO cakes!  Hahaha really I just wanted to make a piña cake and then people asked for chocolate too!  So I tried pineapple upside down cake!  Yum!  

People want to teach me how to make tres leches and carrot cake,  I'm like YES!  Enseñame!  I love baking and now that I know the oven at the church is up for use,  I'm gonna do it a lot more, with less actives or on p day of course! :) 
This week the rain was out of this world crazy.  We got soaked every day; but not until the last hour we were out.  Funny story time:  We were going to our last appointment of the day and it was POURING.  So I walked out to the middle of the river, I mean street, and then all of a sudden I saw a pillar of light.... in a bad way!  I saw lightning strike the ground!  Loudest sound slash most terrifying bright thing of my life.  I screamed, at the top of my lungs, threw my umbrella and jumped in the air. Ha my comp had a good laugh I'm sure; but it was awful and terrifying!  She said it was good I jumped because she thinks I would have been shocked or something!  All I know was I thought I was going to die, and I got soaked.  Then we went to our appointment and we started the lesson, sang a song and prayed, when bam!  Se fue la luz!  I'm not even kidding you, my comp was like, and today we are going to talk about the law of tithing--------- lights out!  And wow, this is different than any other lights out I have ever experienced.  Total complete darkness.  I couldn't even see my hand in front of me!  Mom it was darker than Timp Caves!  So we sat there for like 5 minutes waiting, and I was cracking up, like wow. this is different than America.  I think I was losing it because I just couldn't stop laughing. :)  Then it came back and we taught a wonderful little lesson! And then trudged home in the torrential down pour river of a city that this place turns into!  Ever heard of drains?  I think not!  But then when we got home we changed and made hot coco, and then a firework show started!  Like real deal huge fireworks!  I couldn't help but sing America the Beautiful, even though all the fireworks were green and red, celebrating Mexico?  Who knows.  I love my country, I love Guatemala too, but America is a great great place. 
We had some pretty interesting food this week, fish caldo.  Real fish with eyes and everything in soup.  That was fun.  I semi choked on the spine.  Yay for food!  Also I'm preparing for fiambre this Friday.  November 1st here in Guatemala means FIAMBRE.  This is meat salad.  Literally.  IDK how I feel; but we have 3 lunch appointments so far that day..... so I might explode from too much meat salad.  Pray for me? 
Just now we got back from an incredible p day at the Cascadas de Colomba!  Wow!  I'm living the dream here in Guatemala.  
Me and my new comp

We went on this huge hike through the most Jurrassic Park like jungle ever.  I was seriously like where are the velociraptors?  Slash where is my Hanny to make t rex noises for me! ;)  I didn't know that jungle like this existed.  It is like the greenest trees ever, covered in vines, more vines than you can imagine, covered in moss!  It was so beautiful!  

We had to cross a few waterfalls to get to the big one but wow, so beautiful!  And so sweaty.  Ha this place is 90 percent humidity normally, so near the waterfall it was 100 percent.  Hahahahaha you couldn't even see 30 feet in front of you, that's how thick the water was.  Wow!  And we didn't see much wildlife in the jungle,  I just stepped on a crab, like a crab from the ocean, but on the jungle floor?  Hilar.  This place never stop surprising me! 
Me and Hermana Ostler

I have gotten a few replies from people with my challenge to spread the gospel and wow!  You people rock!  Keep up the good work people!  You amaze me! 
Alright well I gotta go buy some food, I'm out!  I love you all so incredibly much.  I'm so grateful for your amazing support.  Please remember who gave you everything.  Thank Him for it all.  It will make you so happy! :)
love love love,
Hermana Moore

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