Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fiebre, Fiambre and Food Food Food!

Wow, another week - another p day! :)  This week I was looking at the pictures I took and wow, they are ALL of food.  Welcome to my life. haha  Will you all still love me when they have to roll me off the plane in a year??  But really this week was all about food!  First off, to explain the title of this email since it is in Spanish... fiebre means fever! yay. yep.  So here is the story.  People fed us street food which is against the rules...  I learned this week WHY it is against the rules.  I spent the whole night puking. woooooo.  Good thing there was a bucket in the bathroom, that's all I have to say.  Grossed out yet?  Get used to it!  We in Guatemala people!   But one amazing thing was I got my package from you guys that day.  So I woke up after sleeping all day and there were brownies and gold fish and love from home!  I about died!  Thank you thank you thank you. I love you all too much! :)  And tell Natalie Jensen she is such a cutie!  I love her little letters! :)  But I was down for a day this week with fiebre and you know... all that comes from food sickness.  So I'm never eating chuchitos ever again, until Navidad. everyone tells me that all people will feed us during Christmas. great! 
(note from the editor:  I'm assuming chuchitos means street food?)
divisions with Hermana Maye in a house made of mold, now I'm sick.  I blame this house!
I spent Halloween at this house.
Next thing,  FIAMBRE.  Okay fiambre is bigger than Thanksgiving in the United States. these people LOVE their fiambre!  Fiambre is basically a meat salad.  Not joking.  There are 4 types of sausages, 4 types of lunch meat type things, chicken, steak, ground beef, you name it.  It's in fiambre!  Oh and hot dogs, don't forget those; but they put that in everything anyways! haha.  So it's all the meat, then with every type of vegetable that you would ever want to keep in a jar of vinegar.  So imagine a salad bar and the meat section of the supermarket got together and threw a party, that is fiambre.  

Anyways, EVERYONE raves about fiambre.  And lucky us, we had it twice this week!  It's a delicacy here, because its pretty expensive.  So we had it with the Guinacs and then with Hermana Baechli the next day.  

Most Gringos hate it but I actually liked it!  It wasn't my favorite thing in the world; but with tostadas, anything is possible!  I'll have to make it for you when I get home.  I think Dad would really like it.  I liked it all, except the black sausage... sausage just shouldn't be black?  Who knows.  And the second time we ate it we just smothered it in salsa dulce, or ketchup, and wow.... improvement! hahaha. I'm a ketchup person now, and a chile person.  I'm a huge spicy food fan.  You can't really not like spicy food and live here.  It's like a sin.  Almost as bad as not eating tortillas.  It's the santo tortilla! hahaha not kidding. :)
One more thing about food, I baked a lot this week!  We made cinnamon rolls for our district meeting and it felt like I was home again! ahhhhh. :)  

Also we made a cake for the baptism this weekend!  A lady in our ward wanted to teach us how to make carrot cake!  So we did!  This woman is passionate about baking, she doesn't need a spoon, she uses her arm to mix that thing up!  Inspirational!  I'll never use a mixer again! 
So this week, Nehemias got baptized!  

At least we think that is his name, he spelled it Nemias; but I am positive it has an h!  He is this awesome kid who two weeks ago came to his friend's baptism and after the service he was like, Hermanas... I have to get baptized!  So he did!  Sweetest kid!  He has such a desire!  And wow, the hombres jovenes basically did the whole service!  They gave the talks, the prayers and they were the majority of the people there!  We have some rockin youth!  In 3-4 years this ward is going to send out like 10 missionaries, and they are gonna change the world!  

The baptism was great, I have been so incredibly blessed this month with people who are just so ready.  It makes this work so much easier when we just find the people who are ready! :)  I feel like my faith has grown so much this month.  I cant wait to echar fuego in November!  We got some big goals and we are going to work HARD!  This month is going to rock :) 
(Editor's note again:  I discussed the two words "echar fuego" with my Hispanic coworkers and they had never heard that and thought it was a Guatemalan expression for working hard?)
Funny stories of this week: I taught a lesson fearing for my life the entire time... there was a turkey the size of Ollie, our old dog, strutting its stuff right next to me.  I thought he was going to kill me! Turkeys exist outside of zoos.  They actually exist in houses too!  Freakin turkey.  So ugly.
random picture of foot tan lines!

Also,  I'm feeling good about my after the mission marriage prospects!  A man named Francisco declared his everlasting love for me this week.  It was quite magical.  We only knew each other for 2 minutes before he boldly declared, "Estoy enamorado con usted"!  (I'm in love with you!)  I figure after the mission if nothing else works out, I can always come back for this 80 year old drunk man with one foot.  The future is bright! 
When we were cooking cake I was attempting to grate carrots, zesting lemons anyone?, and I cut myself. so I was like "Ow"!  Then Jerico goes, "Porque llora la Gringa así"?   Hahahahahahahahahaha This kid.  I love him!  Basically he was like, "Why is the white girl crying like that?"  He is 11.  He is so funny!  Love my baby boy! :)
making carrot cake with two of my favorite converts, Natividad and Jerico
Other news..... I'm losing my hair!  Woooo, yay for stress.  I'll come back fat and bald!  Like I said, the future is bright!
But really, I'm loving life right now.  It's just wonderful being on the Lord's errand.  Thanks for all the love and emails and packages and letters.- they get me through the hard days! :)

love love love,

Hermana Moore 

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