Monday, October 14, 2013

Miracles Happen Once In a While.....

Hola hola!  Wow what an incredible week!  It was truly full of miracles!  So there is so much to talk about from this week!  It went so fast, but at the same time, so much happened that it feels like a whole month passed!  So first things first, we moved!  Our old house was basically a swamp hole. so humid and full of moldy walls, we HAD to move!  Monday night we packed up all our stuff in a pick up and drove down the street to our new beautiful, amazing house!  It's incredible.  It's off the main road but back a ways and up.  So it's super cool and there is always a breeze in our house.  It's actually kinda cold at night.  Maybe send me some hot coco mix! :)  But it is upstairs above a restaurant!  Get this, it's a crepe restaurant.  Yeah that's real!  They sell American food and crepes!  And its super cheap!  And the owners speak English!  And as if it couldn't get any better, they owner gives us free peach cobbler and calls me Peach!  Heaven is a place on earth and it's our new house.  Our neighbors rock!  They take down our laundry when it rains and they are so sweet!  It's a pretty big house so we were talking with some other sisters and they decided to move in with us!  It's basically the most fun thing ever!  It is me and my comp and then Hermana Cruz and Ostler!  I actually had lunch with Hermana Ostler at BYU one day before I came out to the mission so it's been super fun to be with her!  We basically all just eat a lot and laugh a ton! :)  The house is amazing and it has the best view!  I'll send pics but it's like a painting.  

The other day I woke up early because I couldn't sleep so i decided to do laundry.  Our pila is outside and it faces the most beauitful view!  I did laundry while watching the sun rise over a volcano and the jungle.  Is this real life!  Yes, it is!  Oh I just love it here.  

This week was so incredible!
so we had a successful activity this week! Ppeople, do you hear me, we had a successful activity!  Our ward is great, but activities are its weakness.  So we planned a breakfast for the relief society and wow. WOW! it was amazing!  The key we have found is to ask everyone to bring little things, like oh she's bringing just a pot of beans, and she's bringing a thing of tortillas. and so on.  We brought and made the fried platanos. HA!  We bought way too many, like 40 lbs worth.... and we burned the first batch.  Flat out black.  Then our beloved yoici came to our rescue and made the rest!  I would say I learned how to make fried platanos this week but....  I learned how to burn them! ha!  

But we had a whopping attendance of 16 sisters! now before you say oh that's not that many... understand that the Sunday attendance in relief society is around 15.... so we rock!  It was truly a miracle.  We got to eat great food and we had leftover platanos all week!  I've now eaten them fried, boiled, in smoothies, in hot chocolate, plain, frozen, you name it!  We had to get creative because they go bad fast!  But now that  I live with a Nicaraguan we have lots of new fun ideas to try! 
So more on food this week, I officially learned how to tortillar this week by hand instead of the machine!  We were teaching our recent converts family and she makes tortillas for a living!  So I decided to give it a try, let me just say, hand made tortillas taste a trillion times better than the machine ones.  I'm never going back to flour! ha!  

Another funny thing that happened in a lesson this week, we taught a basically deaf man, not completely.  I basically yelled the first vision!  And the prayer. that was hilar.  I started laughing at the end because here I am screaming and home-boy can't even hear me!  Missions are comical.
Okay I'm running out of time so time to talk about conference miracles! conference was incredible!  We got to watch all but one session in English! blessings!  On Saturday we were running around between sessions to get investigators to conference.  It was 1:55 and we were a good 5 miles from the stake center with 6 investigators, no car and 20 minutes from the nearest bus route.  I legitly started crying.  I can't miss conference!  Then a member pulled up with his car and took the investigators to conference! There wasn't room for us so we took off running.  Yeah running up this huge hill in our skirts!  2 minutes later the sweet hermana Baechli, the 87 year old from our ward, pulls up in her car and says get in, we are going to conference!  How she knew we were there, I'll never know!  More tears, as you can imagine!  We ended up getting there right as our investigators pulled up.  We sat them down just in time for the first talk! success! miracles! oh my.  
happy companions

That night after conference we were with our favorite little family that we are teaching, stay tuned for next week on that one!, and the husband wasn't there... so we were like, oh when will he get back because we wanted to teach you all together!  She was like, oh not for a while.... then we hear a knock knock knock on the door, it was him!!!!!!  Wow talk about perfect timing.  The Lord is in the details!
Sunday we experienced the greatest miracle, by far the greatest moment of my mission thus far.  We were bringing our sweet family to conference, we showed up at 9 am before conference and they are all sitting there ready to go.  But something is wrong!  They can't find the little one's shoe!  Which of course means none of them can go!  I'm like what no!  It's just a shoe!  I will carry her!  But nevertheless they were like no, we can't now!  So we start scouring the house for this shoe.  Then I get the thought, you need to pray with them.  I'm just like no it's a shoe they will think I'm silly.  So we keep looking and still nothing.  Then the thought comes back, stronger this time, PRAY!  So we sit down with the family and offer up a prayer.  I felt kind of silly but then I decided to have faith!  We started looking again and not even 10 seconds later Gabriela found the shoe!  She found it in the canopy and was like, I looked here already and it wasn't there!  Miracles people!  After that, we all walked to conference!  Us and a FAMILY! wow! WOW!  Sometimes we need to just allow the Lord to show His power in his way. We always need to heed promptings!  Like the other day I felt prompted to bring my flashlight out with us and I didn't.  Then we taught a lesson in the pitch black darkest day! The flash light would have helped a ton!  So basically, always heed promptings, no matter how small they are. the more you heed them, the mote you'll get!!!!!!!! :)
We are working with the most incredible investigators right now and I feel so incredibly blessed!  I wish I could tell you more about them but  I'm out of time! next week! 
I want to challenge all of you, ALL OF YOU reading, to pray for a missionary opportunity. just one missionary moment between now and Christmas!  This was a challenge in conference but I'm re-giving it to all of you!  Ask and you will receive!  Then tell me about it!  That's really ALL I want for Christmas, tell me about your missionary experiences. the world is ready for this Good Word!  You have it!  Share it with everyone you know! 
I loved the talks by M. Russell Ballard and S. Gifford Nielson!  So incredible!  Conference was the most amazing thing!  I feel honored to be a part of an 80,000 strong army.  It is a comfort and there is such power. 
We are officially in winter here, rains everyday from 3-8 now.  It's insane but I'm loving every minute. This work is so much more fun and amazing when we find the people who are truly ready to hear! I am so SO EXCITED for this coming week.  It's gonna be an incredible one.  Pray that everything goes as planned! 

well, I love all of you!

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