Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle!

I´m here again, another week has passed!  This week was kind of long but it's just because there were LOTS of changes. Like this week, I ended my training... I´m a real deal missionary now! haha  Well I was before but now I know what I´m doing, or so they tell me? haha jokes. 
So another change this week, I got a new companion!  

My new comp is Hermana Fusi and she is Tongan! She is super awesome, she is really different from my last companion but so incredible too! We are really going to focus on bettering our ward relations this change. This ward has such great potential, it just needs a little boost!  But with that being said, I adore my ward. I never want to leave! ah! So yeah, new comp and it's gonna be an adventure! We are both so ready to work work work! :)
Can I just talk about the best thing in the world that happened this week? JOSÈ GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!  

People, you don't even understand how incredible this is. I have been working with Josè since my first day in the mission!!!! Like literally he was the first person I personally challenged to baptism... and 3 months later he finally made it!   It's been quite the rollercoaster with this kid but wow, it was just full of miracles. He is a stellar kid, he is 15 and after he got baptized he was like, Hermana Moore I am going on a mission in 3 years, I'm counting!  Ahhhhhh brings tears to my eyes!  

One thing I LOVE about the youth here is that they alllllll want to serve missions.  They realize how crucial this work is! ah!  So Josè got baptized and it was one of the happiest things ever. :)  This kid is going places. We got some pretty hilar pictures.  
This pic is my favorite.  We have a love/hate relationship!

Then after the baptism one of our investigators came up to talk to us. His name is Nehemias and he is a friend of Jose, Jose actually brought him to church for the first time! So anyways Nehemias was like Hermanas can I talk to you?  And we are like.... yeah!  So he was like,  Hermanas I want you to give me the baptism talks. I want to get baptized, next week!  I'm home all the time, you can literally come over WHENEVER.  I was just like wait..... deja vu???  This literal same exact thing happened last week with Jose!  The baptism bug is going around people!  So I like started crying and I'm like yeah we will teach you and come to church tomorrow! ah!  So look for his baptism in the next couple weeks :)  The spirit at the baptismal services is just indescribable.  It's my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night :)  Lucky us, or should I say blessed us, we have a baptism this Saturday too! MY FIRST FAMILY WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY.  I can't even describe to you how happy I am.  The mission is just like a pot full of joy and gold and sprinkles and butterflies.  That is how I feel about my Saturday nights.  Before the baptisms I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off, but its all so so worth it!  
Making cookies and cakes for the baptism

For all those reading, stop what you are doing right now and go call the missionaries.  Offer them your help!  Invite them over and then invite non members!  Help them out and then send them home with a chocolate cake, preferably the one from Costco.  Love them so much and show it by giving them references and then offering them to teach them, in your house!  I just have such a testimony of member missionary work.  It's the only way!  All of the baptisms I have had have been a result of that. INVITING PEOPLE TO CHURCH!  You have so much power my friends!  So much!
Okay I'll step off the soap box now. :)  So let's talk about the title of this email... Wanna know what I did this morning?  I went zip lining.  Through the jungle.  In Guatemala.  With all my friends.  

And now I get to go preach the gospel.  People, this is better than paradise... like is this even real life????  I don't know how or why but I feel like I am swimming in blessings right now.  And luckily Aunt Amy sent me the best package ever full of bug repellant and other bug bite related goodies, so I didn't get eaten alive in the jungle!  
Thank you Vercillos!!!!

But really, I went zip lining and it was so incredibly fun!  

At one point I was just like zipping through the jungle, there was a waterfall beneath me and the sun was shining.  

Yeah you could say I'm pretty content. especially because tonight we have a noche de hogar with all of our investigators and our ward mission leader!  Life is great!
After the baptism we had a bachelorette party, hahaha don't judge.  There is a girl in our ward that is getting married this weekend so it was a relief society activity!  We were in charge of games.  My comp is like the queen of games!  She rocks!  We had so much fun and then they did a game where you design her a dress out of newspaper.  These ladies are incredible!  
My abuelita (grandma) out in the mission field

I'll send a pic of the finished product! She had paper earrings, flowers, bracelet and shoes.  The whole shabang!  Then they send us home with food and cake.  I was pretty dang happy. :)

In our little house we have another new companion too, Hermana Lopez!  She goes home this next change.  We are all so happy we love being together so we took lots of pics!!!!! :)
People, life is good, the church is true, and I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!
Keep doing what you're doing and keep writing me to tell me about it! :)
love love love,

Hermana Màs, Amor o mi favorito Moore
Look! I made the family favorite: Macaroni and garbanzos!

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