Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Erica!

Subject: 21 candles

Oh my dear family!  What an incredible week this was!  I just feel so happy right now :)  I turned 21 this week! (not 22, mom. I literally told everyone this week that my mom thought I was turning 22 and a lot of them were like well she probably just registered you a year after and you really were born in 1992 not 1993, that kind of stuff happens you know... and  I'm like no, that doesn't happen outside of Guatemala.  But they kind of scared me.  Mom I was born in 1993, right?  I'm 21 right?  Let me know.....)

But this was the best birthday.  Ever.  In the history of birthdays. EVER.  So it all started at 4:30 am when I woke up to sparks shooting out under my door. HA!  Hermana Pister lives with me now and it's like the most fun thing ever, and oh yeah she's CRAZY!  So it's a Guatemalan tradition to burn cohetes, firecrackers, and throw them under the cumplañeros bed at 4:30 to wake them up.  And they did just that, but the door was locked thank goodness!  Still, we might have burned some of the furniture, woops!  Anyways there were lots of firecrackers and then they came in and sang me the birthday song here, las mañanitas!  

Then we had pan dulce and hot coco, I guess the tradition is cafe and pan but we don't drink coffee and coco is better!  That was a wonderful way to start the day, I love the girls that live with me.  Seriously San Francisco is just a constant party :) 
Then we had to get ready and run to the church to fill up the baptismal font for our baptism, or so I thought.  We were running late so we ran into the church only to find a surprise breakfast birthday party from the tropa loca! awwwww I love the missionary crew in this ward.  All our elderly retired friends. :)  They're like my dads here.  They knew I loved breakfast so they made me a yummy breakfast! :) And cake!  And bananas with honey! So cute!!!!

After breakfast we had a BAPTISM!  Best birthday ever right? saturday morning Abelardo got baptized.  He is the little brother of Gerber, our miracle baptism from 2 weeks ago. Abelardo is 12, even though he is very small.  Hey these people are just smaller!  And he is so smart!  He is a little sponge!  

I made cinnamon rolls for his baptism and we ate them and celebrated another soul coming unto Christ :)  I love my job :)  

Then we had lunch with a member and it was exactly what I wanted, American food!  Spaghetti and salad.  Sweet simplicity.  

Then we had a great day working super hard and inviting everyone who's anyone to church!  The hermanas had a baptsim at night so we did that! Then someone invited us to dinner!  Then we came home and the hermanas had made me a birthday table with cake and presents and a piñata.  So we just had our own little party at night and I blew out a ton of candles. :)  So yeah, I'm a blessed little missionary and I couldn't be happier. :)  I mean having your birthday with the most giving people in the world is kinda fun.  I basically doubled my souvenirs. How will any birthday ever compare, I don't know. :)

Time to talk about the miracles of this week.  So we had no idea what to do one day, we were in the process of leaving a lot of investigators cause they weren't progressing and we needed to find new ones.  My companion was like what should we do?   We prayed.  Then I remembered this stack of references we had received for that art in the park activity a while back.  So we pulled it out and there was a reference of a family, the familia Garcia.  I called the number and this man answered.  I'm really awkward on the phone.... I was just like, uh hermano Garcia?  He was like no, wrong number.  But I'm like WAIT HERMANO.  I was just thinking no, I have to get a hold of this family somehow so I was just like hey hermano have you ever heard of the church? No?  Wanna hear about it?  So I start bearing my testimony and basically teaching him.  Then I was like wait what is your name again hermano? And he goes, look I'll just give you the number you really want.... sound good?  I'm like wait..... what?  He gave me a number and then hung up.  What in the world?  I called the number.... it's the family.  How did that happen? NO IDEA.  All I know is that the Lord works absolute miracles. So we got to put a cita with the familia Garcia,  We went and met them and wow, it's like a completely prepared family of 8.  They were like we are just so confused by all these churches.  Well obviously the Lord wants us here and He wants us to teach you guys.  So teach them we did!  They are really cool and I have really high hopes for them :) 
THIS WEEK we were supposed to have a noche de cine, but the power was out..... but here, no luz is no problema! :) Instead of watching a movie, hermana Pister taught the whole ward how to find constellations.  We are really high up so we can see a lot of stars here :)  It was a magical starry night. I love this ward so much.  I love my companion and I love seeing miracles!!! I hope it never ever ends. Even after my mission.  It's just lovely.

I hope you all had a lovely week and were able to serve someone else.  Good luck starting school Jill and Tim! I will be praying for you guys :)

love you so much!

love love love,
hermana moore

P.S. D&C 63:47
He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world.  My theme this week. 

This week:

Subject: the hunchback of San Francisco

Another week, another email!  There is just so much that happened this week it blows my mind!  The week just flew by!  P-day is already over, sheesh I feel like this week is already over too!  Life flies by when you're having fun!
This week started off with a two day Hermanas conference in Reu! SO FUN to see all my fave hermanas from the mission!  We had a lot of instruction on how to be more consecrated as missionaries! and we ate a lot of food and played volleyball!  My team won (third place)!!  It was a really great weekend, and we got to stay in a hotel, with air conditioning... enough said. :)  Then when we got back from the conference, it was to work!  And work we did! :)
hermanas conference and i saw my baby girl Hermana Cadavieco! :) such a beauty!

This week it rained a ton.  I think the highlight of the rain was yesterday when we were walking down to the rural part of our area around 3:30 in the afternoon.  We saw these black thunderheads ahead and we both just looked at each other and were like huh.... good thing we are far from the house, have no umbrella and NO money... do we press on or fall back!  PRESS ON!  Then we started singing "trabajemos hoy en la obra del señor!"... about 109 minutes later it started raining.  We walked all the way there in the rain, about 20 minutes under CHOROS of water.... and by the time we got there, it didn't stop, no don't worry it didn't stop until this morning!  Someone gave us a towel and coco to drink.  Everything got soaked.  Literally we were wetter than we would have been had we just jumped in a pool.  We convinced a tuktukero to take us back to our house so we could change.  We were so wet!  When we came back out, we looked like missionaries from the states!  Sweaters, boots and scarves!  Thank goodness for my 4 week stint in the mountains to stock up my cold weather clothes!  It gets chilly here in San Fran! :) 
so wet:(

not wet:)

This week we also did some service with the zone! we went to limpiar un parque,  I thought that meant pick up trash.  No that meant clean all the weeds!  I chose the weed wacker, and I learned how to use it!  I weed wacked half of a soccer field.  Yeah here in Guatemala we sometimes do things in the most inconvenient way possible!  Lawn mower?  Why would you do that when you have a weed wacker and a machete, duh.  I've got some NICE blisters from that.  But good news, looks like if BYU doesn't work out I have a nice future career of garden work!  Watch out Los Angeles, I'm coming for your weeds!

Other than that this week was a lot of contacting, no knocking on doors here, just yelling at the gate.  I learned something new, it's easy to get in houses when you have no umbrella and its pouring!  Funny thing with this area is we can get into any house we want to, teach a good lesson but basically everyone is already attending a church and wants nothing to do with us after 30 minutes! hahahahahah.  But besides all that we were able to bring a family to church this week, that's a huge miracle, it's a feat I'm telling you!  Except this family was just like already ready and we just walked together.  It was really nice to sit in church next to a big family :)  Makes me feel like I'm doing my job right and it was a really big blessing because in terms of stats we had a bad week, not a ton of lessons and hardly any new investigators, but we had a family in church so I was happy! :)  Oh and another proud missionary moment, when one convert blessed the sacrament for the first time, another convert passed the sacrament for the first time and another gave a talk for the first time (Rolando!).  Proud mama right here! PROUD MAMA! :)  Did you catch that my previously homeless convert gave a TALK in church this week??????  Yeah he has progressed so much! :)  He asked me this week,  "What does prayer mean to you?"  And I was like...... uh...... awk question but .... and he was like I need help, I'm giving a talk!  He ended up giving a beautiful perfectly timed talk.  Is this what it feels like to have stellar kids?? Aw I love it!" :) 
the hermanas of San Francisco

Oh I should explain what my title means.... I am the hunchback of San Francisco... I was bitten by a bee this week, I think I might be allergic because my back, where I was bit, swelled up huge!  When the elders saw it they were all like WOAH what is that!  No pictures of that, no one needs to see that. It's gone down now, but now I'm terrified of bees.  Oh the things I've learned about my body in this country...........
his shirt....... it says, big butts, things i like and cannot lie about. if only these people knew what their shirts said!

With that, I'm out of time!  Sorry if this was a little all over the place... I'm a little sick right now but I want to get off and go work! THE FIELD IS WHITE ALREADY TO HARVEST.  Gotta go reap some souls :)
tortillas whaadduupp?

Look, I'm Jillian!

love love love, 
hermana moore 

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