Sunday, August 24, 2014

I believe in FAITHFUL thang!

What a crazy week!  The title is to acknowledge mine and my comps new theme song.... I believe in miracles, you faithful thang!  Hahahah we don't always sing worldly songs, but when we do we just replace the worldly words for mission words!  Hahahahahaha. 
Have I mentioned I love my comp? I LOVE HER!!!!!!.  

Surprise, every thing is easier when you love your comp, in the .... more difficult companionships that I have had I was always asking mom, how can having a comp in the mission be like marriage???  This is awful!  Hahaha but I think it'll be better because in theory I'll actually like my husband right?  So anyways, good comps are fun, and my comp is awesome.  She is on the hunt for miracles every. single. day.  So every day we are just trying so hard or trying something new and it is so fun!  We walk everywhere so we have some bomb calves now! Beach season,  I'm ready for ya! (joking) but we have seen so many miracles.  I can't even remember them all, but basically we just work really hard, sweat all the time and have so much fun. SO MUCH FUN. :)  Oh and we match everyday. :) 

Chapin breakfast after cleaning for 4 hours and burning our rotting trash!  I learned that hairspray does not help to burn rotting food.  Woopsy.  We almost died!"

This week we were walking and laughing when all of a sudden we saw this large dog pointing at us. we were both like oh dang this might get ugly.  So we try to cross to the other side of the street and the dog starts charging at me!  I'm trying to beat it off with my umbrella and pushing my comp away, how valiant right, and then we got hit by a motorcycle.  Yeah double whammy.  Dog from oneside and incoming traffic from the other. don't worry though, I'm a dramatic person so you can minimize that story a lot and visualize the moto actually just like love tapping my comp and me just kicking the dog. It was hilarious.  Then I proceeded to yell at the neighbor boy who was the owner of the dog.  Hahaha woopsy!  I was like " ESTAS LOCO? CONTROLA TU CHUCHO!" And then we walked away with our dignity intact.  Hahahaha.  Watch out....Hermana Moore is getting cray cray in her old age. :)
Let's see what else, oh this week we had a multi zone conference in Reu so we all decided to put on our corte and look absolutely fabulous :)  

At the beginning of my mission I swore I wouldn't wear corte in public or off the plane... but now I'm reconsidering.  Hahaha, but the conference was awesome.  We watched a video of Bruce R.  McConkie giving this awesome talk and something that he said really struck me....
I shall not know any better then than I know now that Jesus Christ lives.
He was talking about when he sees Jesus Christ again.  That was such an incredible thought to me. I just thought, how is MY faith.  How is MY testimony of the man whose name is on my name tag. What do you think?  Are you there yet?  If not, what can you do to get to that point in a testimony? :)
With our convert and matching outfits again!

Also this week I learned that my great grandma died.  It made me sad to think that I wont be able to see her when I get home... but at the same time, I KNOW, without a single doubt in my mind, that I WILL see her again.  When I see her she will not be the frail grandma that I have known. she will be beautiful and perfected.  She will be healthy and full of light.  I know that right now she is listening to missionaries like me in a place of rest called the spirit world.  I hope and pray that she accepts their message of hope and Jesus Christ because I didn't exactly offer that to her while she was alive. I made myself a promise this week.  I will never let anyone else go out of this world without hearing my testimony and responding to my invitation.  Attention everybody, especially my family members...
I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives.  I know that He died for me, and you, and every other living soul on earth. I know that through Him we WILL live again. I know that through Him we have ordinances, which are rites that we must pass through to progress in this life and show Him that we are willing to change. I invite every single one of you to get on your knees and pray, ask God in the name of Jesus Christ if you are ready to meet Him. If you feel that you are not yet ready, ask Him what you need to do to get ready and when you receive your answer, DO IT. What you all need to do is simple, and I invite every one of you to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God.  It is the ONLY way we can return to live with God.  The ONLY way. please, pray and ask God. I want to see all of you there.  2 Nephi 9 : 41. 
We all have pins that say "he leido el libro de mormon", or I have read the Book of Mormon!  Because we did it in a month!  Yeah!!!!!

I seriously love all of you so much.  Don't be sad because we lost a family member, just rejoice in her life and learn what you can do to help her. But I hope you all know that I shall not know any better in the day of judgment than I know now, that Grandma Marianne will live again. I know that she will take on a perfect body and that she will live with God if she chooses to accept the ordinances that we will do for her in one year.

love love love,

hermana moore 

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