Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The field is white and ready to harvest.....

Reunited Trio!
Editor's note:  These three roomed at the Missionary Training Center in Provo over a year ago. Time flies!

Divisions with Hermana Webster!  We went out to visit with my recent convert and our recently reactivated best friend!"  Delvis and Gerber are so pilas, they don't hang out in the street.  They read the Book of Mormon and go out with us and go to seminary.  They rock. 

.... literally this week I thrust in my sickle in a field.... but it had already been harvested!  Haha, this week we went out and helped our recent converts in their MILPA, otherwise known as the corn field! We did some hard work, no not really we just echar´d abono, or fertilizer, but I was sweating!  It was hard work!  We did it so that they would have NO excuse not to go to church!  We met up with them at 7 am and went to work for a couple hours!  I was really grateful for the experience because, well basically because now when people are like nope we can't go to church we have to go to the milpa; I can say no problem we will come and help you on Saturday.... been there done that, NO EXCUSES! Hahahahahaha so that was really fun :)  We took pictures, don't worry. we are officially Guatemalan farm girls.  If you hadn't noticed yet we basically live in a super agricultury part of the county... Welcome to La Costa!  Haha. 

even though this picture is blurry, I love it!

Let's see other than that this week was pretty insane.  My poor comp is really sick and here it rains so much which makes colds so much worse.  So we were braving the rain most of the week but by the end we needed to stay in.  I had lots of study time and lots of time to read old letters.  Talk about baggy (I think in the US they call it trunky)  Basically if you have ever written me in my mission I read it this week.  But then we could go out and work and I was pumped!  We have been working super hard with this huge family lately.  We go there everyday.  They are like our best friends and they LOVE to learn! When we taught them the word of wisdom they were ready to leave smoking, drinking, coffee, the works.  Here in Guatemala coffee is a BIG deal.  But Guatemalan mormons are so cool that they created a drink called morcaf.  I think I have written about it before, but it is a coffee not made of coffee.  It's like made of wheat and cinnamon and aba and trigo and other stuff.  So it's totally okay to drink and has like the same flavor as coffee.  I'm def bringing like 20 bags home.  Apparently you can only find it in Guatemala.   Anyways we told them to have hot water ready for our next appointment and we would be bringing morcaf and pan dulce.  So we had a little morcaf party with them, and they LOVED IT!!!!!!! :)  Now it's all they drink and we may have a big party in white this Saturday.... I don't want to say anything yet..... but send your prayers towards San Francisco this Saturday :)

We had a sports night in the ward this week and I played soccer with all the jovenes.  Now if you know me you know I hate soccer.   Literally so much.... but I played on a team of little kiddos aged 11 and younger and I HELPED TO SCORE A GOAL.  Yeah I'm pretty happy :)  Then it started to rain and we went inside and played.... conejito gordito.... or in English.... CHUBBY BUNNY.  It took us a while to get them to understand that you don't eat the marshmallow, you have to talk with it in there! But once they got that down they were hilarious!  

Literally they each got like 2 marshmallows until Hermana Pister, who got 6.  Way to represent the USA!  Then our ward mission leader did 7.... it was kind of disgusting.  After that we were like alright.... were done.  Hahahahahahahahaha. 
So on a spiritual note..... this week I was talking with Francisco, my sassy convert from 2 months ago, and he was like talking about why he loves being a member and having the Gospel and he said to me..... "Ahora yo tengo el 'porque'."   Isn't that cute???  Now I have the "why" of life.  I love him! Also I gave him a hard cover bible this week cuz he didn't have one and I was like sorry it's pretty heavy... and he goes but it will make me soul feel less heavy.  Okay, he's a poet!  It was prettier in Spanish , but you get the point :) 
Alright and last but not least..... go listen to the song......called "chicarron con pelos".  We saw it on a bus,  I'm not a bad missionary, and it is literally a perfect portrait of who these people are .  I ADORE THEM.  Can I be Guatemalan? :)

Well I'm out of time :)  Until next week :)

love love love,
hermana moore
2 nefi 10:23, helped me a lot this week :) 

This is a pic of us dancing under the rain,.  It's our mission president's theme for us right now!  This is our.... we just set baptismal dates with a family, face! :)  So happy. such joy being a missionary!!!!!!! :) 

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