Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Week, New Change, New Comp!

What a QUICK week!!!  This week my almost 5 months with Hermana Phillips ended and I received a new companion!
Okay seriously she is probably the most positive/nicest/most faithful person I have ever met.  Let's just say these next 6 weeks are going to be FUN!!! :)

So Hermana Phillips left on Wednesday morning and in came Hermana Jordan!  And right when she came in I told her our ... predicament.  There is a joven who has gone to church twice and is going to seminary and wants to get baptized, or so I've heard because I've only talked to him once, and he could totally get baptized this Saturday!  But he is IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND.  And she just looks at me and goes, hermana, we are baptizing him this Saturday!  So basically the whole week was the quest to find GERBER! Yeah it's pronounced "Herbert" but I think his mom saw the jar of gerber baby food and just fell in love with it?  Anyways we call him our gerber baby, hahaha.  Not to his face of course, he's 16!  Haha.  Wednesday we looked for him, nothing.  Thursday the same.  Friday I was starting to get nervous, but my comp was like no! have faith we WILL find him!  So we decided to just walk in to his house and be like we demand to know where he is!  I was terrified because we had heard that his family was not supportive and they live next to a river where some man got macheted a month ago.  So we went in broad daylight don't worry, but we were scared.  So we walk in and the mom goes, HERMANAS!   My son wants to get baptized in your church!!  We are both just this real?
So we start explaining to her what our purpose as missionaries is and she is like heck yeah baptize him! 5 minutes after we met her she was signing his baptismal form.  Yeah we had permission for his baptism and we hadn't even asked him if he wanted to do it yet!  My comp hadn't even met him yet! So by some miracle we found him soon after and called the elders and they interviewed him and the next day, he was baptized! 

Now I hope your not all rolling your eyes and thinking oh just another typical met him and throw him in the water type of baptism... this kid is a MIRACLE.  He has completely changed his life in the two weeks he has been going to church.  He only ever wants to be in the church.  He's like half way through the Book of Mormon and he wants to serve a mission.  He keeps telling us,  "Just two more years sisters!" :)  It makes my heart so happy! :)  It's just a totally miracle because we did nothing.  The ward just got a new young men's president and he is doing tons of activities and basically reactivated the entire young men's class.  And they are bringing friends!  I feel like I'm doing my real job, just teaching and baptizing the people that the members bring!"  I read an article this week that I loved about member missionary work.  It said, missionaries are full time teachers, members are full time finders!  You better believe it!  Have you given a reference to the missionaries lately?  Or ever?  If not, DO IT.  Swallow your pride and share this glad message with everyone!  Ah just do it..... you will never regret it. 
FHE with all our recent converts

Our convert! Abelino! :) He came with a white shirt and tie and he is just rockin' it right now!!!! Miracle!

I'm especially learning a lot about that right now because my comp is a convert.  She was baptized two years ago and is the only member in her family!  Her best friend shared the gospel with her and now she is sharing it with the people of Guatemala.  Talk about a miracle from just sharing what you love with those you love. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!!!!!!! :)
It's been pretty chilly lately, and I love it!  When it rains we are cold and I put on a long sleeve shirt  (like the Catalina t-shirt! I feel honored to have it I like almost cried and I have worn it every night! Picture to come next week!  I'm an honorary sailer!!!!!) and sleep with two blankets!  Ah I never want to leave San Francisco! It's mission dream land!!!!!!! truly!!!!!!!
Hermana Phillips, look who's wearing your bows!

Alright well my times up!  Love you all and hope you have a great week. 

love love love,
hermana moore

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