Friday, June 13, 2014

I Could Not Be Shaken!

Jacob 7:5. Read it. 

So this week was a WET week.  Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday we were in code orange (ooo scary) of a tropical storm.  Don't worry, it's not a hurricane.  It just rained non stop and was really windy.  What that means in Guatemala is that no one has school!  Because who wants to get wet?? US, DUH.  Everyone was like oh you guys didn't leave during the tormenta did you?  And we were like um yeah.  We put boots on and used our umbrellas. and we are fine!  Well no actually we are both sick now, yay for the 5th time I've had a cold in my mission!  Sacrificing it all! ;)
This week was a lot of birthday celebrating.  Rolando's birthday was on Wednesday!  We took him out for a hair cut because he desperately needed it and then we had a surprise lunch with all of his new friends from church!  We gave him a bunch of ties too and he just loved it!   He gave this little speech that I recorded.  I just love that man!  He also bore his testimony in sacrament meeting.  I can't really understand him most of the time but I can feel the spirit when he speaks!  We are so blessed to have met him!!!! 

Also my companion turned 22 this week, (I may or may not have hummed 22 by t swift all day, woopsy call me a heathen!)  We loaded up her day with surprises!  Started it bright and early with pancakes and fireworks and then had 4 cakes throughout the day!  I felt so sick by the end!  But needless to say it was a really fun day.  I hope my sweet comp felt like a princess :) 

So yes lots of rain and... well disappointment this week.  We had 12 investigators committed to come to church yesterday and we did EVERYTHING so that they could come, and not a single one came.  It was kinda sad.  No, it was REALLY sad.  We cried a little bit.  But then some lady got up to bear her testimony and she just said that despite all the family problems and money problems and everything in her life, su fe no la ha perdido, or she hasn't lost her faith.  I needed to hear that, sometimes we just need to remember that the Lord has such a plan for every part of everyones lives. I don't understand the Lords plan but I trust Him.  I really do. I love that scripture in Jacob, no matter what,  I have faith in Jesus Christ, wherefore, I CANNOT BE SHAKEN. 
I saw a miracle on Monday night.  So we were going in a tuk tuk and normally I don't really want to contact the tuk tuk drivers because, well we have talked to basically all of them already!  But we got in the tuk tuk and I was like okay Hermana Moore why are you here, to rest or preach the gospel! So we talked to him and he wasn't interested. surprise!  But then as we got out he was like alright so when are you guys gonna visit us!  My kids will love you girls!  I was like whaaaat???  Then he gives us his phone number and tells us he lives in Zunilito.  It's like a good 20 minutes away.  Then he goes and don't worry, I'll pick you up and drop you off!  Free!  I'm sitting here like wait, what, this is too good to be true!  We wrote down his info and called him later that night and set up an appointment!  So the next day we went and met his family, with a member of course, we are careful and smart, and we met his wife and kids.  4 of them are of baptism age and they are so positive!  I was like, wow can they be any more golden!  It was such a cool lesson.  The little girl who is 10 was reading a part of the Family Proclamation in a lesson and I guess she thought we sang everything, because we had sung an opening hymn, so she sang the proclamation!  It was hilarious and so cute!  Kind of like a chant!  I already love them and I am so excited to teach them more.
More families we are teaching.... one of them is this family we have been working so much with.  The wife is all on board and the husband is getting there.  She loves the church though!  She keeps telling her husband, and then he tells us, that she has had dreams that this is the right church and that every time they walk by the chapel she says, I  want to play basketball there with the hermanas.  I want that to be our church! I love it.  Their 2 year old son pulled out their Book of Mormon every night to remind them to read together as a family.  It's incredible the change I'm seeing in them.  Haven't gotten them to church yet, but I know they will!!! :)
I basically love working with families, we are working with 6 right now.  It isn't easy and it takes a lot of your heart, but that is why I am here.  I'm here to bring these people to the temple!  And that's what we are going to do!  I promised president we would baptize x number of families this month and he promised me x number of temple trips.   The pressure is on and I'm ready to see the Lord's hand revealed! :)
THANKS FOR THE BEST PACKAGE EVER MOMMMMMM.  Seriously, you're the best.  We had a pizza party in honor of you!  Winsome foursome!  I loved everything!  We already used the Reflections of Christ dvd at a baptism!!! 

Paint ball. hahahahaha.  What did you do on your Monday??  I paint balled in an Ule jungle. 

Trying to look fierce.

Sorry his is jumbled and the spelling is awful, but I'm in a rush!
Love you all so much.  Excited for the amazing event that is happening in the fam this week.  I'll be thinking of you all on Saturday :)  It'll be like I'm there with you :)  And wow!  Taylor is home!  What a babe!  (Jill sent me a pic)  Don't get married too quick T :)  Wait for me! 

love love love, 

hermana mor (how the bishop spelled my name in the program.) hahahahahaha!

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