Thursday, October 16, 2014

Libre Soy

It's a turtle!  Pan that's a turtle!

What the heck, this week went by so fast!!!!  I'm having one of those I'm on top of the world moments.  It's been a good week to be a missionary here in Retalhuleu.  Other than the fact that I'm sick right now... and I totally deserve it.  Just last week I was telling Hermana Merrill that being sick on the mission is totally our choice and a matter of faith and diligence.  I told her how I got really sick 4 months ago and promised myself I would never get like that again.  And look at me, 4 months of health thanks to faith!  Then the next day I woke up with the most painful head cold or sinus infection, ever.  Humbled?  I think yes.  Yesterday I felt like death and fell asleep after church from 11 to 5 pm.  Woops.  A member of the bishopric came over to give me a blessing and he goes,  "I bless you with more faith so that according to your faith you can be healed."  I was like okay okay I get it!  Lesson learned.  I wont murmur and I need more faith!  Hahaha, oh the mission.
So other than being an ill mess this week, we worked our little booties off!  No really, we are workin our booties off.  I have started exercising again!  In a meeting with pres this week he told us, tell the whole mission that it is now a commandment to exercise everyday!  Best news ever.  I've been begging my comp to get up so we can go on runs and now she has no choice! HA! :)  But yeah we ran everyday this week!  We even went to this cool place called the complejo where it's like an outdoor track and tons of people are there running!  There were even horses running there!  I felt like I was back in Arcadia at the race track!  Haha . 
This week I went on divisions with an hermana that I really wasn't that close with before... but wow, we are like best friends now!  We saw so many miracles while in her area!! Hermana Natividad is from El salvador and probably one of the most incredible missionaries I have met.  So much enthusiasm and so much LOVE for these people!  Such a refreshing day!  We were in a lesson and we asked the woman,   "Who should you ask to know if these things are true?"  We are expecting her to say God, guided questions... but she sits and thinks for a minute and goes, her!  Pointing at me! Hahaha I got a good laugh out of it.  She was like,  "She seems pretty good with the Bible." Opposite! I'm so bad a finding scriptures!  But it made me giggle!  We also went with one of their investigators that makes ice cream cones for a living and she let us help! IT WAS NUTS.  Fire and these huge irons and you had to flip this flaming hot iron and then roll the hot waffle cone and I was dying.  I basically destroyed all the ones I touched; but I got to eat the messed up ones, so it was alright! :)
Hermana Nati

Learned a new trade this week making ice cream cones!  Won't be surprised if I come back 
with no finger prints, I burned myself hardcore!

And I failed!

 Hna. Nati is so sweet.  She said I looked cold in the night so she tucked me in with an extra blanket! Seriously, I love this girl!  And we worked out in the morning.  We got soaked that night too!  So wet, we were cracking up and took some funny pics :)  (Oh and someone in their area thought I was from Honduras. Maybe my Spanish is gettin better???? or maybe they're deaf and blind?) 

So miracle of the week.  On Monday night everything fell through, so we stopped and prayed and tried to figure out what to do, we both felt that we should visit a less active girl.  So we went and met her niece.  Her name is Carla and she is 8 years old and 3 months.  Her parents are inactive members but she wants to be baptized!  In terms of numbers, she doesn't count as our convert, but we both felt so strongly that we needed to help her get baptized, even though it counts for the ward, and not for us. So we have been dedicating quite a bit of time to her and her family and we just love them so much! Then on Sunday they showed up with TWO NONMEMBER FRIENDS!!!!!!!  What the what!!!!!!! I felt like it was a little message form God saying,  "Good job hermanas."  Sometimes we have to stop thinking about the numbers and goals and such and focus on the people.  I'm also pretty stoked because we are going to be able to baptized a lot of people just because of a sweet 8 year old who wants to get baptized! :)
Today was p-day and it was AWESOME.  Our p-days lately have been pretty lame.  The hermanas have been really unhappy about it so I told the zone leaders,  "Look this is not gonna work you guys need to do something we ALL like to do on Mondays."  And they go "Fine Hermana Moore, you're in charge of this p-day!  I was like FINALLY.  So we had the best p-day ever.  We decided to make foods from all the different countries of our zone!  We had pupusas from El Salvador, baleadas from Honduras, platano cake from the Dominican Republic, papas a wayina from Peru and peach cobbler from the states!  It was a FEAST!  

Then we all watched Frozen together!  Yeah one year later I FINALLY saw Frozen!  So cute! :)  It was such a fun p-day and our zone is really united.  I love all of them! :)  Last night we had a sleepover with all the hermanas of the zone and it was so fun.  We had s'mores and laughed and slept on the hardest tile floor of my life.  But I love my hermanas!  We literally couldn't be a happier zone! :) 

This week should be a pretty incredible week, I am so excited for this Saturday :)  Send prayers our way, we will be having a little party of white!  :)
Also I completed 16 months on my mission this week, say what?  Where has the time gone? 

Well, I love you all. I hope that we can all open our mouths and share the gospel this week! :)  Help the missionaries.  Be BRAVE! 

love love love,

hermana amor :) 

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