Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2 years ago today...

Rainy days, everyday!

Like my rain gear?  A sheet of thin plastic!
(Editor's note: What happened to the rain jacket we sent her with????)

Bad hair day! hahahahahaha. This is what happens when you ride back in the back of up pick up truck for an hour. 
Great hair.  Welcome to 200 percent humidity!

Two years ago today I was sitting in the conference center with Lindsey and Presidente Monson changed the age of missionary service, and look where I am now! I never could have imagined in that moment how much everything would have changed, how much it HAS changed!  I AM so grateful for the incredible opportunity I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ as a sister missionary, seriously.  When there are hard days I just try to transfer myself back to October 6, 2012 when I had stars in my eyes and felt like I had just won the lottery. Serving a mission has always been my dream, and it truly has been the most incredible adventure of my life. :)

This week was INSANE!  Complete insanity!  I feel like I was hardly in my area because we went and helped some elders in their area one day and I had divisions another day and then it was conference!  But I like it, it keeps the mission exciting! :)
Hermana Florinda

So on Wednesday we went to help the elders of the area, El Codo, otherwise known as The Elbow. They were having a rough time so we did and AREA ATTACK.  We all went there to help contact and invite people to conference!  So we went and I got to go with an hermana from the area, Hermana Florinda. She is a mom and SO COOL.  She literally knows everyone and has no fear to invite everyone to the church!  We walked straight on in to every house and was like hey everyone how are we all doing this morning!  Then I did my shpeel and we did that for 3 hours!  We invited like 30 people to conference!!!!  The elders saw so many miracles this Saturday and Sunday and were able to bring quite a few people to conference!  It was a great team effort!  Haha I loved when Hna. Flori was let's contact this house!  I looked over and saw a church, it was like the evenagelico church prince of the rock or something and I was like oh we aren't supposed to contact around other churches, or the churches themselves.... and she was like who cares!  Let's go!  So we invited the pastor to church!  Haha :)  Then I decided to have an adventure and ride to lunch on the elder's bikes! The elders of El Codo are the only elders in the mission authorized to have bikes! It's because their area is enormous!  So I became a biking missionary this week :)  My WHOLE body was sore. hahahah. 

On Thursday I went on divisions with some hermanas in the zone!  I went to the center of Reu with Hermana Peguerro!  She is from the Dominican Republic and she is so AWESOME!!!!!  Literally this girl has so much energy!  Her area is really urban so we just contacted pacas, goodwill type store, all day long.  It was so fun and we learned a lot from each other!  She told me allllll about the food of the Dominican Republic and now I want to go there!  I have a lot of places to get to know in the world! :)

Then was conference, oh conference.  I always get just what I need! :)  Someone gave us a ton of bananas this week so I made some yummy banana pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning and then we were off! HOW COOL WAS IT to hear some of conference in SPANISH!!!!!!!  I'm telling you, over here we were like standing up and cheering!  We were so excited to hear conference in Spanish, not just the voice over!!!!  What a blessing :)  We were able to bring quite a few people to conference but what amazed me more were the members!  We have a joven that is helping us a ton and he showed up to every session with a friend!  Talk about a member missionary!!!!!  Now we are teaching them!  I want to be like that when I get home! :)  Another fun thing in conference was when I saw Miss Jennifer in the MOTAB!  Yeah I shed a little tear, it made me feel like home wasn't actually that far away!  You are beautiful Miss Jennifer!!! :)  Conference is just wonderful.  On Sunday for lunch we were at a members house and I was chatting with her 95 year old dad.  He has been a member for like 50 years and he has a lot of health probs now.  He can't hear or see anymore. He told me, I cant hear, I can't see, but do you know why I go to conference?  To feel the Holy Ghost!!!!  What an inspiring little old man. Little Faustino Lopez.  I hope I'm like that when I'm old! :) Inspiring! ;:)
And to end, here is an inspiring quote....
"Mountaintops are for views and inspiration,
but fruit is grown in the valleys." 

Time to grow some fruit!
Looks scared, right?

love love love,
hermana moore

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