Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Mormon. Salvo."

What an incredible, miraculous week this was!  This week we had the baptism of the most prepared person I have met my entire life! the first time we met with this man he told us he had been searching for a church to pay his tithings to!  Yeah that is a once in a life time kind of person here.  So his name is Mariano Mesa.  I have talked about him before but he is just incredible.  So prepared.  His baptism was incredible!  He was all fancy in his white shirt and we even found him a white tie to wear too!  It's pretty funny because Elder Yergensen had originally contacted him but could never find where he lived to teach him... but one day Mariano offered us a ride to Santo Domingo, there were other people in the truck don't worry, and we ended up teaching him!  It's pretty funny because we share an area with the elders and there is no separation, so we always have to ask if the elders are already teaching them or not.  So of course we asked Mariano that and he was like well yeah I did meet Hermano Yergensen but he never stopped by to bring me to church... and I was like good never talk to him again... WE are teaching you now! (haha)  So we ended up teaching him and getting him baptized, well technically Elder Yergensen DID baptize him, but we got to teach him... friendly competition ;)  So it was a beautiful service and I couldn't be happier.  

I KNOW that there are prepared people, especially in Mazate.  The most fertile land of converts in the country!  I'm serious though, these people are prepared! :) 
The Elders baptism last week.  She isn't my investigator but I love her so much!  It was a miracle that we went to her baptism because the elders got her an 80's dress for some busty 20 year old and she is 12!  So we bought some safety pins and fixed her up! 
As for the title of this email... I guess after Mariano's baptism and right before they were about to come back in the room one of the elders heard him say.... "Mormón. Salvo."  So cute!  He has such a strong testimony in this church!  Oh and that means like.... I´m Mormon.  I´m Saved. :) :) :) :) :)
So another hugely amazing thing that happened this week was that I DREAMED IN SPANISH.  Dad told me that I know I've got the language down when I dream in Spanish... CHECK!!!!!!!  It made me oh so ridiculously happy! >:) 
So have I mentioned how hot it is here before?  IT'S HOT.  Everyday I'm like I don't think it can get hotter, and then it does!  
The definition of my life here in Guatemala....it only gets hotter from here.  As if I think it can get any hotter when I'm dripping sweat from my upper lip, neck...I'm even sweating behind my knees now.  But yep, everyone says Semana Santa is the hottest and that's in 3 weeks.  If I survive till then....

On Sunday I was sprinting through the streets to try and catch the last bus up to where the church was with the 6 menos activos we had with us and mind you its 8 in the morning but it's already like 2000 degrees outside... so I showed up to church dripping with sweat and with lioness hair because we rode in the back of a pickup truck to get to church.  It looked like I got electrocuted!  But, the people in the ward somehow still love me :) haha! 

Thanks for the matching comfy jammies!  We love them!

So yesterday we had a meeting with the member of the 70 for our area and he was talking to us about the plan of the area for Guatemala and how it is to have every family in the ward pick one less active family and help them get reactivated throughout the year and then to pick one non member family and help them join the church throughout the year.  Isn't that the most simple and amazing plan ever!  I was thinking oh my gosh!  I want my family and friends to do this!  So I know we are already in March but I'm officially challenging ALL of you... go pick a less active person and pick a non member person and help them get to know or re get to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missionary work is SO rewarding and I KNOW that you all can partake of these blessings :)  I am so grateful for my opportunity to be on a mission, everyday is a new adventure.  It's hard but its worth it.  As they say here, "vale la pena". :) 
Went on divisions with Hermana Merrill.  She came in my group and is a hermana lider now!  She is incredible and so much fun!
(editor's note, yes that is how she spelled leader, haha)

Oh P.S., even though it's summer here, we get SNOW!  Well its not actually snow, but it is something that falls from the sky like snow, turns out though its ash from the burning cane fields ALL OVER THE PLACE.  So when you see snow and think, wow this is so pretty, wrong... there is something much prettier!  Falling ash from the sky!  It happens all day every day and I was trying to be funny!  It's not pretty it's disgusting.  Oh well I guess that's how we get sugar right? :)  Well I'm off!  Gotta go! Love you all so much!  Thanks for all the support and prayers!  Don't worry about me, I'm doing wonderfully :) 

love love love,

hermana moore :)

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