Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Nickname: Hermana Mordida

Subject: new nickname: Hermana Mordida.

Yeah go google translate that one. . . 

Did it?  Alright, story time....
Saturday I was walking down the street on the way to lunch with my comp, we were talking about investigators and such, when she goes,
"Woah look at that dog, its huge!"
So I look over and see a huge dog... but it's running at me. Next thing I know its latched on to my leg and I'm screaming and kicking and giving a nice little show to all the people on the street.  Finally it let go and I just started limping away. 
Moral of the story a pregnant, hostile dog bit me. 
Don't worry, I'm okay, no rabies or anything.  The bite is healing quite nicely thanks to the treatment a woman gave me right after it happened.  You see, here in Guatemala instead of neosporin or soap or water, they use LEMON to clean out dog bites.  So after it happened this lady came up and brought us into her house where she starts cutting up lemons and I'm like oh hecccckkkkk no homegirl.   Then my comp, who is Mexican but from the states, is like no you have to do it!  So I'm like screaming when this woman starts RUBBING a lemon on my open wound.  Remember how they said the mission builds character?  Yep, it does.
So then we are like what do we do... so we decide to take a tuk tuk and go to the hospital to get stitches or have them clean the lemon off my leg or give me a shot or something. BAD IDEA.  Guatemalan hospitals are cess pools of disease and death.  If I wasn't already in shock when I walked in, I most definitely was after 5 minutes in there!  Between the drops of blood on the floor and the man screaming his head off in the room next to me, I thought I wasn't coming out alive.  But in the end I didn't get any shots, against mission rules I guess, but they cleaned me out and gave me a ton of pills.  Oh and that nurse that dealt with me is the devil's nurse, I've decided.  She cleaned my leg with alcohol and it was like she was sand papering. I am trying not to harbor hard feelings against her.  So the AP´s drove us home and we rested the rest of the day because I was told to not put pressure on it.  It was a pretty deep bite, my comp said she saw a lot of flesh.  I didn't really look at it too much, but it's healing quite nicely now and best part is I'm gonna have a sick scar to show my kids!
getting my bite cleaned out

haha this is a joke!

There is a reason behind every trial we go through, we ended up meeting a lady that is less active, or inactive.  She was the one who helped me clean it out with lemon.  Now we are visiting them and helping them come back to church.  Isn't it funny how there really is a purpose to everything?  Now the only problem is that I'm terrified of all dogs, and there are hundreds here in the streets and they sense fear... so I've been charged at by like 6 dogs the past 2 days.  Pray for me?   I just end up singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives every time I walk by one.  Let's hope it starts working soon!
Other news this week, happy Valentines Day!  Best place to celebrate the day of love!  It rained super hard that day, surprise rainy season has begun again, and we got drenched.  On the way back to the house we found out that the power was out, and when you are a sister missionary that means to the house.  So we went home and studied and had dinner by candle light.  How romantic! 

hahahahahahhahahahahahaahaha we made pink, heart-shaped pancakes. :) 
pink heart shaped pancakes of course, love you momma!

This week also we had a mutli zone conference where we talked about the doctrine of Christ! I also got to see a ton of sisters!  I saw my comps from the MTC!  Ah those girls will be my life long friends! :)

And I saw my MOM - my trainer, Hermana Morris who goes home this week! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast!  I'm so excited for her though!  Really, when I got here she only had 10 months and now she's going home!  This whole mission thing goes by much too fast!
My "mom" Hermana Morris and my comp and me

But the conference was incredible.  We watched this awesome video of two talks by President Eyring and Elder Holland called, la obra misional y la expiacion.  It has changed my mission.  Elder Holland talks about how in the mission the atonement will carry the missionaries sometimes more than it will carry the investigators.  Something I never realized about the mission is that it's not easy but it doesn't matter!  I'm here to serve, not be served.  I'm here to give my all in every moment and to help people to come to Christ!  How great is my calling!
Overall a great week that went by much too fast.  I'm so happy to be here in Mazate with my companion.  She is like the same person as me.  So funny. 
me and my comp at zone conference

We are currently teaching the most incredible investigator right now.  He is 72 years old and so.... I don't know how to say it.... suave?  He is amazing.  He came to church for the first time this week and drove there all the way from a far part of our area called Santo Domingo.  It's 8 km away.  Then he volunteered to drive all the members from there home from church every Sunday!   Which is a miracle because that has been such a dispute in the ward trying to figure out who would be bringing those people!  And bam, sent from heaven we have Hermano Mesa!  He wants to get baptized in March.  I feel like I'm not even teaching him, he is teaching US!  I've never met someone so incredibly prepared for the gospel.  It's been such a priveledge being able to work with him!  I'm so excited for the coming month! :) 
Well I'm over time and I gotta run!  I'm sorry I didn't get to email like anyone back!  Running out of time!  Love you all so much.
Learn your duty and do it! 
another picture from our trip to the cascades last week from Elder Yergensen

love love love,

hermana moore! 

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