Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sooooooooooo, hola from MAZATENANGO!  Yep, I am no longer cold, now I'm just sweating my brains out in the coast again!  Bug bites, ants, and sweat stains, welcome back to my life. 
Basically there is this sad and wonderful opportunity in the mission known as emergency changes. What that means is that your zone leaders call you at 10 pm after you set a baptismal date with a family and tell you to pack your stuff because your leaving your favorite area and companion tomorrow, at 6 am. 
Yeah. but I'm not bitter. 
No actually being serious I am so grateful for the amazing 4 weeks I had in San Marcos. It changed my mission. I will always look back on that time and smile.  But it's onwards and upwards now. Now I am in Las Flores, Maztenango (otherwise known as mazate or mashahtay) in the departmento of Suchitepequez. 

I am in the coast in an area that is bigger than my last zone.  Seriously this area goes all the way to the beach, like a four plus hour bus ride to get to the end.  It's HUGE.  I'm in the area with 3 elders and my comp, and they are bringing in more elders to our area soon.  We are in a huge developing ward that has so much life in it!  For the first time in my mission, I'm not in the city!  I am in the boonies!  Ha seriously everyday we walk through a cane field and a cemetery to get to a part of our area. it's pretty exciting! :)  
the day this man died, i was born!  What a special connection ;)  hahahaha

And my companion,  I am TRAINING!  Well finishing the training of my hija, Hermana Cadavieco!  She is a brunette bombshell from Palmdale California.  I adore her!  She is a firecracker so I just spend most of the time cracking up!  We both want to work really hard so I'm just excited.

Really I am so grateful for this opportunity to have had changes. Someone told me that there is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone.  I'm DEFINITELY in the growth zone again.  How incredible is it that the Lord loves me enough to challenge me?  Truly I have nothing to be sad about.  I am living the dream, just now I'm living it in Mazate :) 

So this whole week I've been dousing myself in bug spray and spending all my money on tuk tuks! Yep, this area has tuk tuks!  It's pretty fun. but its 10 quetz every ride, so I'm basically broke. if you guys want to start an Erica´s tuk tuk fund, that would make my year. :)
This week we traveled a ton because we are working in a huge town that is not in Mazate but is in my area.  It's called Santo Domingo and it's 8 km from my house.   Everyday we get on a bus and ride down there and work our butts off, we talk to everyone that smiles at us and we teach all day long!  I feel kind of like I'm opening an area because my comp didn't really know much about the area, she's a new missionary I don't blame her, so we are trying new things and just working really hard.  The elders in our ward are having a ton of baptisms right now so we are.,.. supporting them?  Haha, no I'm not worried, I know that I am being a successful missionary as long as I am happy and serving others. :) 
Remember when I swore off pan?  If you didn't know that then now you do, I stopped eating pan because I was getting a little tubby, but then my comp is like hey I'm gonna buy you pan all the time so uh.... we started working out.  You are all probably sick of hearing me say that time and time again but yes, I've gotten back on the horse and we are gonna work out! :) 
dirty feet.  Sweat and dust turns into muddy, nasty feet!

(Editor's note:  I'm scheduling a pedicure the day she gets back, yikes!)
This week we received a reference of this 15 year old girl, come to find out she is the oldest taking care of her 4 younger siblings because her parents went to the United States 3 years ago.  It's one of the saddest things I've ever seen.  It breaks my heart to see all these families separated just because they all want to go to the states.  Can I just tell you all to appreciate your country?  It doesn't matter who is in charge, we live in an amazing place and so many people only dream of going there, others leave their 5 kids and go... but really, appreciate it.  It's a big blessing.   Anyway we are teaching them and they just have so much faith it is so inspiring! 
Can I just tell you how fun and worthwhile it is to train ?  My daughter is the best.- she is so full of cool good ideas and wants to work so hard!  She told me, we are going to talk to every person that smiles at us when we say buenos tardes.  So we did it!   We met so many people, a few menos activos that have been waiting for an invitation to go back to church, a man that was disappointed when the missionaries didn't pass by to bring him to church, and so many more!  I love her! and I love being her half or quarter mom, since she doesn't have that much of her training left.  She calls me her hot, young, cool, half mom.  Ha, she's a riot.  She's actually older than me by a month but she's awesome!
Today we went to a waterfall!  It was by far the prettiest waterfall I've ever seen. I felt like I was in Hawaii!  I'm just so blessed to be here! :) 

Well I'm off now, sorry there wasn't much this week, basically it was a lot of contacting and sitting on buses this week.  But know that I'm working really hard and praying even harder.
Something my comp told me this week,  "When life gets hard get on your knees to pray, then get on your feet and WORK".
I'm off to Taco Bell, I love Mazate because it's so developed!  Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, paiz! Hallelujah! :)

love love love,
hermana moore

p.s. biggest blessing of this new area, my house has a couch.  A COUCH!!!!!!!!! tender mercies. :)

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