Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Surrounded By Earthly Angels

Buenas tardes from San Marcos.  Another week in the cold, but I think I'm getting used to it, as in I'm not shivering all the time now! :)  This week was different, my companion has been sick and I have been trying to get her to rest, and she finally let herself rest, so we didn't work a few days this week. 
This pic is kind of a joke.  My comp wears tights every. single. day. So I got tights just so we could be twinners!  I adore her!  Have I mentioned that before?  I love my comp!

Actually one day my companion and the other sisters in the mountains they had a sick comp too, so i was on divisions with Hermana Woods!  We tried to work in both of our areas, as in we were walking all over the place!  Definitely got our workout that day!  But don't worry about my comp, we went to the doctor today and she is on a ton of meds.  We just have to take care of her and she will be better in no time! :) 
Hermanita Lopez

This week the president came down for interviews!  We got to see the president and his wife and the enfermeras!  AKA Hermana Pister!  I love that girl!  They were all dying from the cold! Hahaha welcome to the mountains!  It was good to talk to president! :)  He told me very specifically that I have to learn my area, now. as in.... he is taking my comp away from me!  I could have cried.  I've never felt so in sync with a comp before!  She actually reminds me a lot of Grandma Iris.  IDK if it is her laugh or what; but I just love my comp!  Basically I told the president, don't worry I know my area, it's only 3 streets. and he was like, know it!  So I'm trying really hard to learn it so that I can be ready to show this area for a new comp! 
Chinese buffet with the president

This week we also went to ... THE TEMPLE!  Remember when I was so worried that I would never get to go to the temple, turns out not!  No really I just ask the elders to ask president if we can go every time my ward goes. and president loves us so he has said yes!  We didn't find out that we were going until like 10:30 the night before though!  I was so excited that I could barely sleep! :)  What a happy day! 

I got super car sick on the way there and back though.  Turns out driving in the mountains is a pain in the rear, especially in a bus.  Booooooo.  But after the temple we went to eat lunch at a mall and I ate SUBWAY!  Yeah boy!  I could have cried!  It was in a beautiful mall attached to Walmart! Ahhhhhh the life.  

I love the temple.  It always makes me feel so good.  Like refreshed and ready to preach the gospel!  It got me super pumped up for my talk this Sunday.  I gave a talk!  They spelled my name super wrong in two different ways in the program.  Hermana Morr and Hermana Morz.   I just, ayayay these silly people!  I think my talk went well though! :)  All I know is that I talked for 12 minutes in Spanish in front of a ton of people, the gift of tongues is real. :)
This week we worked only with the members!  That means, a lot less lessons, but amazing lessons! We had so many amazing experiences with these people!  We found people that are ready to be baptized like now!  It just amazes me, how that when we work together, we can make miracles happen.  I feel so loved by these people.  They are always with us, up till they take us home to our house at night.  They truly care about us and it makes me feel so appreciated. I feel safe with them. 
We found, more like the members gave us a reference this week of an amazing woman that is so ready. Also, a woman that has been investigating the church for a YEAR told us this week that she will be getting baptized in February.  God is so good. 
This week we made 3 different cakes.  Basically people have found out we like to bake so they take us to make friends with their female investigators and we make cakes with them!  It's really fun :)  This week I'm teaching the relief society how to make cinnamon rolls!  Maybe we will make it a tradition in every area? haha :) 
healthy breakfast. straight hair. big smiles. my face is getting fatter. ha!  Welcome to being full of the Spirit! Hahahahaha!

Basically, I feel so blessed.   I feel all of your prayers.  Thank you for all of your kind emails every week.  I couldn't appreciate it more.  I just hope you can all help the missionaries in your wards.  They need you...your friends neeed them!  Be a part of this work of salvation! :) 
A pic of my desk...aka my Jillian fan wall :)

As for the title of this email, I just can't even describe how grateful I am for the people in this ward, the senior missionary couple, my companions, the zone leaders, my district leader, the mission president, and the Lord. Even though there are trials I know that I am never alone. NEVER. I was reading in 3 Nefi 9 yesterday afternoon and it just brought me so much comfort. Nephi went out and preached aun que habia un monton de adversity and he was visited by angels on the daily!  Even the voice of the Señor!  He was given so much power and authority that the people were angry with Him because they couldn't disbelieve his words!  They HAD to believe him. and it says in the chapter that he didn't have a ton of converts but those that he did help to convert and change were changed forever.  They too went out and bore testimony! 
I know that I am where I need to be. President Hodgeman, of the senior missionary couple here, gave me a blessing yesterday and in it he said, you need to be here Hermana Moore.  There are people waiting to meet you.  There are people that you WILL lead to the waters of baptism.  I KNOW his promise is true.  I know I am supposed to be here.  The only reason we have adversity is because satan can see that we are making miracles happen here. His presence almost reassures me that I'm doing the right thing, but he can't keep me down!  I have a whole bunch of earthly angels lifting me up, and countless angels that I can't even see helping me too.  I just feel so blessed to be surrounded by these people. 

Well I'm off, we have a family home evening tonight with some potential investigators and I guess we are making fired sandwiches? pray for my arteries. 

hermana moore

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