Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freezing my rear off in Guatemala

Yep, you heard me.  IT'S SO COLD!  Honestly this week I experienced one of the coldest days of my life.  We are pretty sure it was around 30 degrees all day but with winds that you cant even imagine! We were outside ALL day long!   We only got into 2 lessons. HA.  Needless to say, this week was a little hard. but now its a little warmer and I'm looking back and laughing about it!  Yay for attitude changes!  No but something that really helped me this week is the talk by Elder Richard G. Maynes in this past general conference called, eh all I know is the title in Spanish.... "Fortaleza para Perseverar". That and the scripture in Mosíah 4:27.  I learned a lot about my limits this week.  Like dad told me a few weeks ago, we need to listen to our bodies and not push ourselves too hard.  If we do, then we can't work at all!  We don't want that!  My comp is sick right now and I'm forcing her to rest, poor thing just wants to work! 
What I look like everyday!

In other news, this week we did a TON of service,  I'm telling you my comp has like a service radar, so we are always washing dishes, clothes, sweeping, the works!  It gets us into a ton of houses!  Once this week we got in to a house that turned out to be a PANADERIA!  Heck to the yes!  So we got to help them take hot bread out of their giant oven and then we got to teach them!   A family!  Then they sent us off with hot pan!  Ahhh can you talk about a dream come true! :) So don't you people worry, we are making miracles happen in the mountains!  Thanks to my amazing comp!  I seriously have the greatest companion EVER!  I think I'm catching a bit of her Nicaraguan accent. you don't pronounce s`s ever. Hopefully people understand me! hahaha  I'm learning so much from her, including some expressions. On Sunday she leaned over and said, me estoy urinando, which means I am peeing, so of course I'm like ehhhh....... maybe you should go to the bathroom!!  But apparently me estoy urinando just meant I NEED to go to the bathroom.   Right.... HA! 
Also with service, we as a district went and served this week.  We demolished all the weeds in a field with MACHETEs!   

We don't need lawn mowers here,,,, more like they don't exist.... but still!   We mowed that lawn Guatemalan style!  Machetes in hand and then we burned it, all of it. ha!  I love machetes, I want to get one made that has my name on it, but we will see! ha!  I def developed some nice calouses!  It's a much more efficient than a silly lawn mower!
district service project

This week we also went down to Reu! 5 hours in a bus next to a rather large woman who sells fish for a living, yeah I'm surprised I didn't lose my lunch.  

We went down for a conference with the whole mission in Reu!  Elder Soares of the Presidency of the 70 came!  It was such an amazing conference. We are truly blessed to be missionaries!  We came down a day early because it was too far to come down the same day.  We stayed with my trainer, or mom,  Hermana Morris!  Mommy!  Hahaa.  She was also comps with my comp so that was so fun!  There were 8 of us Hermanas in the house, it was pretty dang fun!  We chatted all night!   Aww I love the sisters in this mission!   After the conference we headed back to San Marcos, and thank goodness!  It was freakin hot in Reu!  We were so ready to come back to our cold wonderful town! :)  I love you San Marcos!
Lovely!  This is at the top of Piedra Grande. yeah all the cities here have weird names.... they are like Native American where it's red wolf or blue rock.  It's all like palo gordo or piedra grande.   Otherwise known as fat stick or big rock! ha! We live in mosquito...... ha!   But there are NO mosquitos to be found! 

Let's see, what else?  Oh this morning for p-day the elders called us and were like, so we are gonna play soccer and your going to make us brownies. ha!  These elders!  But I was okay with it because I love baking.  So we went to the senior couples house, which is beauitful and feels like America, and we made a cake!  Yay for p-days!  We also ate pupusas with our district!  We do EVERYTHING TOGETHER.   Hahaha it's good.  They are just trying to watch out for us!   We also went thrift store shopping and my district leader bargained for 3 beautiful scarves.  I'm pretty pumped! :)  Getting all my warm clothes ready :)  It's still winter! 
So I feel way too loved in this ward.  Starting today we sisters cant be out of the house after 4 unless we are with members.... so when we told this to our ward they all freaked out and we now have at least 15 members signed up to do visits with us this week!   They are all giving us references of their friends that they want to visit!  One couple signed up for one day from 5-8 pm, they told us they invited one family over from 5-6, another for 6-7, and then they are giving us dinner from 7-8.  Ahhhh!  I love this ward!  They are afraid that if they don't help then they will take us out of the mountains, which is what president said.  They all told us how much they appreciated the Hermanas!  It made us feel so good and loved, although I felt kinda bad for the Elders.  You see we share the ward with the zone leaders and they didn't have hardly any members on their list of people to go out with them.  Hey it's a sacrifice they are willing to make!  No I'm serious, we are so loved here.  I feel like a princess! :)  So even though the area is so much harder than I ever imagined, the members are more incredible than I ever could have imagined!  People give us food every night,  It's ridiculous!  But luckily I live with an aspiring personal trainer,  Hermana Woods.  We do insane workouts eery morning at 6 am!  It's killing me, but I'm managing!  We worked out 5 days this past week!  Proud??   You better be!  Tell Aunt Amy that I can do Burpees now.  Bam. :) 
Well, I gotta go, gotta get to work!   Basically, I'm cold and happy,  Never thought I'd say that!  I'm so blessed to be a missionary.  I can honestly say that I have never been happier! :)  I'm so happy for all my people at home too!  All your happiness and such, it makes me so happy!   Also go check out the blog of the senior missionary couple here!  They are like our parents!  They buy us peanut butter from Walmart in Quetzaltenango because we don't have ANY in this valley!  Sad day!  Their blog is Hodgeman in Guatemala at blogspot or something.  Incredible, incredible people. :)

Well that's all for now.
Love you all dearly!

love love love,

hermana moore

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