Friday, September 6, 2013

Still Alive in Guatemala!

Hola! I am still alive! Ha, last week I emailed my parents and told them I had dengue, it's a sickness from the mosquitos and it's basically a really high fever and body aches. BUT I am happy to report that I have conquered dengue!  It only put me out of commission for.... 4 days.  But I am up and going and preaching the good word again!  Funny, before my mission I was like, I am not going to have a single sick day!  And I have had a week at this point... guess  I'm not as strong as I thought I was!  But we made sure to work SUPER hard the rest of the week and wow, we did work!  In just 3 days we found 15 new investigators with 3 families!  Bam take that dengue!  That which don´t kill me, can only make me stronger!  Thank you,  Kanye! ;)
We were in the primary activity.  I just smiled a lot.

So yeah, the end of this week was a great one!  Now I have super good bug spray that I use every 4 hours and I have had a lot LESS bug bites!  Oh hallelujah!  It's wonderful. so hopefully I never get dengue again! :)
This week we met a lot of new investigators!  We are truly so blessed here in Esperanza!  We received a reference of these 3 sisters last week and we have been teaching them everyday!  One of them is named E- and she is TALL!  Like me!  She is literally my height... and that doesn't exist here in Guatemala!  She is this beautiful, tall, amazon woman!  And we are best friends!  I seriously love her! We talk about how hard it is to find clothes that fit and shoes our size!  And she LOVES the Book of Mormon.  She seriously is eating it up!  She always reads so much and then wants to share her fave verses with us!  Sweet girl!  All of her sisters are like that!  So we are working with them a lot!  Oh and they always make us special juices every time we come!  Like melon and watermelon, with pieces of watermelon in it!  It's gourmet!  That and they give us these giant chip things that are fried imitation pork rinds.  Haha gotta embrace the culture.... anyway we love them!  Trying to get them to come to church but it's hard because they have to sell things to survive.  But we are teaching them about keeping the sabbath day holy!  So we will see how it goes! :)  They have this huge hammock so I 
taught a lesson on a hammock this week!  Hilar!  Dream come true! I'm buying one! :) 

I also taught a lesson while making tortillas by hand this week!  Yeah that's right!  Here there are tortillerias everywhere!  Like every street!  They make them by hand and they are divine.  I want to learn before I leave so we ask everyone to teach us!   We were contacting the other day and this lady owns a tortilleria!  So we were like, hey teach us and we will help, and secretly teach you the restoration? ha! We did all of that! :)  So funny!  It was way fun and  I'm one step closer to learning how to cook all this divine food that I love.  Seriously, how am I going to survive without my hot, fresh tortillas for every meal???  I know, I'll just make my own!!!!! ;)
One of the girls from our English class!

We also met a part member family this week! And wow, they are prepared for the gospel! His name is Elder, I kid you not. I guess his dad met with missionaries at some point and loved the elders so he named his kid Elder!  And now this guy has a family of his own.... so he named his first son.... Elder! I'm not kidding! These people NEED to get baptized!  They are so sweet and so interested in learning! 
This Sunday was amazing.  Our church attendance shot up like 30 people!  We had tons of investigators and less actives there!  But none of the investigators we tried to bring to church came.  It was all other random people that members brought!  Proof we need the members help!  We are really getting their help lately.  Our family home evenings are finally starting to work out with them!  And they're making us food!  Oh my goodness I love it when after a lesson they're like, and now... tortas! Freak yes!  I love food.  Speaking of food... we love our cook.  They really took care of me when I was sick.  That sweet family!  Ah I adore them! :)  They have 3 nurses in the family so they took turns caring for me! :)  And they feed us so well!  Except yesterday when they fed us the nasty chicharonnes soup again.  (Nasty soggy pig skins. my fave).  But tomorrow they said they are serving us something special..... pata de coche?  I'm pretty sure that means pig foot.
This lady owns a small hotel and serves us cheap breakfast on pdays!

We have been playing a lot of soccer as a zone lately.... joy.  These people love soccer.  I do not.  Ha! They are like, "Hermana Amor you have to run."  And I'm just like no, we don't play soccer we play baseball! or volleyball! or basketball!  Ah! I'm not quite a chapina yet because.... well.... I hate soccer! Ha! 
Well I'm out of time!  We are going to eat some Chinese food, yeah they have that here!  I'm stoked.  I love fried rice!  But I love you all and thanks for your prayers and emails!  It means the world to me! I hope you all have the best labor day and start to the school year!  Especially all my BYU people!  Live it up this year! for me! ;) 

Something I learned when I was sick:  Romans 8:18.  Look it up.  We are worth more than our trials. :)
 Oh also I've been reading  Jesus the Christ.  I'm obsessed!  Best book ever!!!!!1


hermana moore!!!!!

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