Monday, August 19, 2013

The Week of Free Food

Wow!  I'm back again, this week flew by!  And wow, this week was awesome!  I felt everyone's prayers this week, really I did!  Every time things started to look downwards, all of a sudden a family of 15 interested people turned up!  Okay that didn't happen every time, that only happened once, but really I feel like this week was FULL of miracles and happiness and laughter and joy and missionary work! And Spanish too :)  Of course,  I'm in Guatemala!  
view from a member's roof

Sometimes I'm on a dirt road in Guatemala in the rain getting eaten by sancudos--- and I love it!  
"sancudo"  (mosquito) bites.  They honestly don't itch anymore!

How did this happen!!!  But really, this week was the best week of my mission thus far, no baptisms yet but I just felt actually effective so much this week! I feel like I'm really getting into my stride here in the mission. :)  Either that or I'm just eating really good food. :)
A chapina breakfast. I love beans in the morning!

So yeah.  Can I just talk about food for a second?  Maybe I'm losing weight or look hungry all the time because EVERYONE gave us free food this week.  And I was just like heck yes keep it coming!  I seriously must have 5 stomachs, because I always have room for more! :)  
editor's note: Someone needs to teach me how to flip pics!

This week we got free corn, homemade bread, tostadas, chocolate popsicles, cookies, lollipops, and my personal favorite-- homemade coconut ice cream!  Oh my oh my.  I died and went to heaven.  That stuff is bomb!  Oh I almost forgot the biggest free meal we got this week!  So story time:
The zone leaders called us one day and were like hey come to an appointment with us tonight, they are serving dinner!  Ha, actually what the zl said to my comp is, "Tell Hermana Moore that she's getting free food tonight."  I guess my stomach is getting a reputation.  Anyways, so we went with them one night in their area to this appointment.  
They had coke but we didn't drink it!

Well, they did NOT tell us the whole story!  Turns out this family "requested" us to come to dinner.  Like they literally said,  "We will go to church if you bring the gringas."  Yes the gringas.  I guess they saw us on the street one day and .... who knows?  So we walk in and it's just like silent.  Awk.... then the mom walks up to me and just starts stroking my skin and hair and is like,  "oh pura muñeca!"  Ha, so that means literally ,"She's a real doll".  But I guess it means pretty or something.  I didn't really get it.  And yeah thats how the entire night went!  They asked me about every detail of my life in the states and they just touched my hair a lot!  So the zone leaders made dinner and it was just so funny!  
Las Chulas Gringas!

This is pollo seco

I felt like a celebrity the whole night!  Why can't people be like that in my area!  Ha, here they like RUN from the gringas!  It was nice that my whiteness actually helped in the work!  Haha,  I love being a gringa.  I honestly haven't seen a single other person from the United States since I've been here, other than missionaries.  So we are def a minority! :) trying to use that to our advantage, sometimes it works! :)
Oh, other funny story,  I almost got eaten by a dog last night!  We were walking home and there were some dogs around and then all of a sudden this huge dog with a chain comes charging at us!  He was snarling and fierce and I was about to pee my pants!  He brushed my leg and went for the other dogs, and then we RAN!!!!!  Holy wow, our hearts were racing!!!  So that was terrifying!
So we have really been trying to work with the members this week!  We have been going around teaching less actives and new converts about family history work!  Wow, this is such a powerful tool. We might not have been able to have that activity but it is working really well bringing it to the people! We were showing one hermana the family search site.  They had a computer, and we found her dad and then she saw that his work had already been done.  She just started balling!  She was so happy! The spirit was so strong!  I am excited to keep this up and teach more people about family history work! 
Also, we have been trying to work with the members by having noches de hogar with them.  Every night this week we had one with a family!  Sometimes they didn't get the memo that they were supposed to provide nonmembers for us to teach... but they'll get it one day! :)  We had a lot of great lessons and even found some new investigators.  Yesterday we had two and it was raining really hard so they both gave us atol. ATOL.  Oh my goodness.  It's like hot chocolate but full of vitamins and stuff!  So when you drink it you feel full like super full!  And it's warm and delicious!  Well we got it twice yesterday, to the point where I was like I'm going to explode.  I'm full of atol.  But I'm obsessed. Go make it!  Go! 
This is actually hot chocolate with "lenguas" (the little sugar cookies the bread man sells)

This week we found a new area of our area!  How exciting!  We were pumped!  Until we saw that every house had door bells..... yep.  Talk about hard core rejection doorbell style!  It was basically like a slammed door in the face, but with a doorbell.  Ha!  We ended up finding a family though and they are way positive.  It's all worth it, I swear! 

Oh sweetest moment this week.  We were teaching this sweet woman and it was so positive!  Then in her prayer she prayed for us to come back, like it was something like, please, let the hermanas come back!  I could have cried!  I was like yes! WE WILL come back!  Oh goodness.  I love the mission. This week was fantastic, and this coming week will be incredible.  I love being here.  I truly love it! We were having lunch today in a little place and it was the same place we ate the first week.  I just realized how much I've grown since then!  Today I was talking a ton with the other hermanas and just so happy. The first time I was like, where am I and why am I here!  God works miracles, and he has worked a miracle in me.  The mission is the place to be ! :) 

Love, love, love all of you and THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! :)

Hermana Moore

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