Sunday, July 14, 2013

The End Is Near....haha:)

Wow! Here I am again! Week 5, done! and I have been here for one month as of today! Oh and BONUS I leave in TEN days!  Oh my happy, happy day!  I seriously can't believe I'm leaving here so soon!  It has gone by so fast!  Yesterday we got our travel plans! We leave the MTC on Monday at 6pm, fly out of Salt Lake at 10 pm and then fly from LAX to Guatemala at 12:01 am.  We land at 5:50am in the land of endless spring!  From there, who knows what happens!  Who cares!  Ha!  I literally screamed and cried when I got the travel plans!  Oh the little things. 
travel plans!

So this week was another amazing week here at the MTC! This week I feel like I learned so much about prayer and studying. I love studying!  Have I said that yet?  Because I do!  I'm obsessed with the topical guide. I have been studying about angels and the resurrection lately. Oh and phrases like: Humble seekers of happiness, Rest in the Lord and Children of Light! Highly recommend all of those study topics to everyone!  Blowin' my mind! Sometimes I'll be reading the scriptures and I'm just like, wait, was this here before?  Have I ever read this?  Did I ever read any of this ever?  Because I don't know how I could have missed this stuff! :)

So this week I was called to be Sister Training Leader! Its fun! I get to talk to all the girls in the zone every night and love their guts out! :) Buuutttt, they are dissolving our zone after we leave because they dont have enough missionaries to fill it... so I am STL over 4 sisters!  Woo!  It's fine and I'm loving it :) I'm just happy for another opportunity to serve:)
random funny picture
So Sunday was fast Sunday. Ha fast Sunday isn't the easiest when your companion is hypoglycemic and needs to eat!  But Hermana Webster and I made do and just prayed all day to make our fast easier.  I love fasting. :) and dinner after fasting.  It just makes me grateful for food:)  But we also had mission conference on Sunday and that was really cool!  It's like stake conference and it was incredible!  There was this amazing viola solo and it brought the spirit SO strongly.  We also heard from a group of missionaries that are actually serving their missions here at the MTC!  There is a group of 10 of them and they all work on digital missionary work!  So on when you see the "chat with a mormon" button, that's them!  They are on our floor in our classroom building so we see them a lot! They are incredible!  One of them spoke and told us how he had been teaching a man from New Mexico over skype, phone calls and facebook messaging for a year and a half. The elder's name is Elder Boardman.  He has physical disabilities but that didn't stop him from baptizing this man in person last wednesday! after a year and a half! his joy was incredible!  I am just so amazed that this work can be done in so many different ways!  Technology is such a blessing and I am excited to utilize it in missionary work soon!  I mean we don't expect them to give us iPads in Guatemala... haha that would last like a day... but I am excited to see what they have us do! :)

Oh my goodness, we have the best teachers here at the MTC! I think they are all angels. Seriously, the most incredible people I have ever met!  This week we said goodbye to a teacher. :( Hermana Kitto is the sweetest soul that exists in this world. ever. I adore her!  We have alot of the same clothes so we planned a twin day!  We wore the same dress, thanks Downeast!   I just loved being twins with the greatest RM ever!  So the investigator she plays, Elizabeth, is getting baptized!  You know, if you had told me after our first lesson that we would have a baptismal date for her a few lessons later, I wouldn't have believed you!  But hearts change!  The Lord works miracles!  And women can share the Spirit with each other!  I don't know what it is, but it is somehow so much easier to connect with women!  I mean we just say a prayer and all of a sudden we are all crying and it's like a big group spiritual hug! :) But saying goodbye to Hermana Kitto was so hard.  I wish she could come with us!  Be my trainer!  Slash be my sister! Ah!  She gave us all these sweet notes and even somehow sneakily wrote in our journals!  On missions everyone has like a yearbook/notebook thing where all the people you love write in it before you leave them!  So she was the first one in mine!  I told her after my mission I'm going to be her live-in nanny or something.  It will happen!  Oh Hermana Kitto!  We love you!
So when Hermana Kitto left, we gained a substitute!  Hermano Bulloch.  Goodness.  This teacher is to the elders what Hermana Kitto was to us!  They are OBSESSED with him.  Several times they were like,  "You're such a Homie!  We love you!  Come live with us!"  No joke.  At one point he was telling a story and I looked over at our elders and a row of 5 of them were looking at him, mesmerized all with their hand on their chins.  Like there wasn't another person that existed in this world!  Ha he is pretty awesome!  He is a great storyteller!  I swear that's all we did in class, and we loved every second!  Tim he reminds me so much of you! He is like Brian Regan funny.  And he is stoked on missionary work.  I think our district needed him!  After being here for so long I think we kind of lost sight of why we are here.  We are on missions!  We are going to serve the Lord!  He made us so excited!  He gave us that enthusiasm for missionary work!  Ten days from now we will all be in the homes of people of the world, teaching them the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Teaching them that this life has a prupose! and the God loves them so so so much. I just can't wait. I couldn't even sleep last night! all i could think about was the reality of my call!  Hermano Bulloch said something way cool last night. He said that we should be thrilled to do this work! This is the time in the history of missionary work where we win! We are ushering in the coming of Jesus Christ!  We are like His welcoming party!  He said that there are HOSTS of people on the other side cheering us on!  Among them are the greatest missionaires this world has known! Like Peter, Ammon, and Alma and Aaron! They are the example for us and they are helping us more than we know :)
sorry it's sideways

So this week in the TRC we got to teach a man named Elder Crockett! He is a senior missionary and... well we didn't really teach him, he taught us!  We had planned to go in and talk about how to overcome trials. But when we were walking in I just thought, no. we need to talk about prayer!  And wow, he ended up teachung US about prayer!  We asked him to say the closing prayer and wow!  He was just talking to God. Like how we would talk to our parents!  It blew my mind!  He was like, Padre Celestial, it is a beautiful day today!  These hermanas just taught me a wonderful lesson!  We are so blessed to be here!  Then he basically gave us a blessing.  He blessed us to quickly remember the htings we needed to know.  He blessed us to be happy and ready to go out into the field! that man!  He taught me so much!  Also one of our elders was talking to us and said we need to pray in a personal manner. he said, when we email home on p-day we don't just say... thanks for the letters.... write me more.... bye. We tell them everything about our lives and every exciting thing that happened!  So I have been trying to apply that.  I encourage you all to do that too!  It makes a world of a difference.

Speaking of prayer... it works. this week I have been sick.  Such a bad cough!  But, I'll put it this way... I have been ill yet blessed!  On Monday night during class I had this awful cough spasm attack.  I literally couldn't breathe/ make it stop.  It was so frustrating!  I just wanted to cry. and we were about to teach a lesson! So we went to the bathroom and I just sat there and said a little prayer.  I just asked to be able to teach, I just wanted to be able to serve. and within minutes... it stopped!  Literally I was fine and we taught a lesson and I had another one of those, I actually know what I'm doing look at me testify moments! oh goodness, its sweet when that happens. God loves His children, I feel it every single day! :)

This week we had a filed trip! all the guatemalan missionaries got to go a whole two miles away in a van to the police station to redo our background checks!  Ha talk about most exciting thing of our lives! it was way fun! I love the people going to my mission and I'm excited to get to know them better! :)

acting like thugs, haha!

Guatemala girls
So I got the package from the reunion, mom! I feel so loved! I LOVE MY WHIPPLES!!!!!!! goodness!  So much good advice and I just loved every single card! :)  Us hermanas also got a package this week from the mom of an elder in our district!  So sweet!  Ha we actually got two!  One of brownies and one of scotchies!  Goodness we feel loved!  It was addressed to "Las hermanas bonitas" Ah stop it!  But we seriously love our elders and their moms! :)  AND I got a package from the Vercillos this week!  How you fit that many candy boxes into a box, I'll never know!  But I'm so grateful and I loved every single thing!  Tell Will that I love him and I'm doing our secret handshake as I type this!

we love mail!!!
Oh, so for some reason everyone is under the impression that I'm fluent in Spanish already!  Thanks for the confidence boost!  Ha, I'm trying but definitely not fluent!  I had my first all Spanish day and wow! I only spoke like less then 30 English words the whole day!  The gift of tongues is real!  REAL I TELL YOU!  I love this language!  I'm so blessed to be here! :)   Oh but I definitely had some funny moments. I was attempting to explain the pre-existence to one of our investigators and he asked me why he doesn't remember any of it?  I was like, well that's a golden question!  I was like there is this thing called a candle, when we were born we passed through this candle and it took away all of our memories of the pre-earth life. After we die we will pass through this candle again and remember it all! well obviously I got some vocab messed up!  Turns out the word for "veil" is not vela... that means candle!  Ha, he was literally laughing at me!  Oh well, live and learn! :)

So I love all of you so much.  I want to remind you to pray always.  Never go a day without studying the word of God.  We always kneel to pray here at the MTC and I am proud to report that I have some HOT calluses on my knees. :)  They are gorgeous!  I can't wait till they get black and blue!  I will do anything for this work!  I am so excited to be alive during this great time:)  Choose the right all of you. Oh, and write me letters, because they will be few and far between in Guatemala.  So I love having them now and being able to save them for Guatemala! :)

love love love you,

Hermana Moore!

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